Jhoom Episode 4: Haroon & Zara’s amazing chemistry is winning hearts

7th Sky Entertainment aired Episode 4 of its much awaited mega project “JHOOM” featuring Haroon Kadwani & Zara Noor Abbas , written by Hashim Nadeem Khan, directed by Ali Faizan and produced by Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi.

Jhoom is a love story that defies all limits. Finally Haroon Kadwani is back after Ruposh and Zara Noor Abbas after Badshah Begum, and the fans are already loving this new pairing.

After watching this episode all we can say is that this drama is getting more interesting day by day and the chemistry of Haroon Kadwani and Zara Noor Abbas is winning hearts.

The way Zara Noor Abbas acts is just something out of the world, the way she portrays the nervous scenes of Maryam, it just feels so real. Alongside, Haroon kadwani is nailing his character. His expressions and his body language everything is on point

Their love story has begun but Zara Aka Dr. Maryam is starting to ignore Aryaan due to their age difference and just being concerned about the societal norms. On the other hand Aryaan not afraid of anything is falling for Maryam.

Also we saw in this episode the start and end of Aryaan and Maryam love story as when Maryam invited Aryaan to meet her brother, thats where the story twisted as her brother is Sherry, the guy who opened fire on Aryaan’s friend. Now will Aryaan and Maryam re unite? We cant wait for the next episodes.

Checkout episode 4 of Jhoom:-

Jhoom Episode 4

Jhoom Episode 5 Teaser

Zara and Haroon’s chemistry is looking so beautiful and mind blowing. Hat’s off to these two. They just complement each other so well. We saw in this episode their love story being just starting off, they spoke a lot to each other but with expressions and eyes only. 

Haroon Kadwani looks phenomenal as always in Jhoom, slaying with his looks, attitude, expressions and body language. All in all Haroon Kadwani & Zara Noor Abbas rocking the screen’s together.


A journey of JHOOM into the world of love, relationships, heartbreak, and sacrifice that centers around the lives of two souls who find love in a world of chaos and uncertainty that changes their lives forever. Aryaan is a young and handsome boy who holds a caring and possessive nature towards his friends.

Despite having a traumatic past, Aryaan tries to smile through the worries of life and never steps back from helping his friends. However, Aryaan’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Maryam, a compassionate and kind-hearted woman who becomes a ray of sunshine in his life. As their relationship begin to flourish, Aryaan feels a change in himself and embraces the love that he had been deprived for so long.

Despite the significant age gap between them, Aryaan and Maryam’s love for each other knows no bounds, and they embark on an unconventional journey together. Their love defies societal norms and expectations, challenging the prejudices and biases of those around them.

As their relationship progresses, their love is put to the ultimate test. Will they be able to overcome their challenges and sacrifices to stay together? Will their love stand the test of time and societal pressure? Is age just a number when it comes to love?

The looks of Haroon and Zara are totally different and the story looks unique, a sure treat for the Pakistani drama fans.

7th Sky Entertainment is the largest premier broadcast and film entertainment company spearheaded by ace producers Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi.

With block buster drama serials like ‘‘Deewangi’, ‘ ‘Raaz e Ulfat’ Fitrat’, Kaheen Deep JaleMuqaddar Meherposh and more, 7th Sky Entertainment explores diverse genres targeting all kinds of viewers, and hence, has proven to become a household name in Pakistan.


Haroon Kadwani as Aryaan

Zara Noor Abbas as Maryam

Javed Sheikh as Asfandyar

Usman Peerzada as Toqeer

Zainab Qayoom as Shehla

Haris Waheed as Sherry

Sidra Niazi as Mehwish

Farhan Ally Agha as Hammad

Noreen Gillani as Mahlab

Ahmed Gloria as Sam

Rehan Rafiq as Teena

Rameez Ahmed as Billy

Mohammad Ahmed as Tony

Hassan Khan as Ruki

Have you watched episode 4 of Jhoom? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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