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Pakistan earns $1,718 million from IT services to various countries in 8 months

Pakistan earned US$ 1,718.250 million by providing different Information Technology (IT) services to various countries during the first eight months of the current fiscal year 2022-23.

This shows a growth of 1.74 percent as compared to US$ 1,688.845 million earned through the provision of services during the corresponding months of the fiscal year 2021-22, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

During July-February (2022-23), the export of computer services grew by 2.77 percent as it surged from US$ 1,353.365 million last fiscal year to US$ 1,390.790 million this year.

Among the computer services, the exports of software consultancy services witnessed an increase of 2.92 percent, from US$ 496.648 million to US$ 511.162 million while the exports of hardware consultancy services also rose by 152.05 percent from US$ 1.462 million to US$ 3.685 million.

The export and import of computer software-related services surged by 11.95 percent, from US$ 355.142 million to US$ 397.569 million whereas the exports of repair and maintenance services increased to US$ 2.134 million from US$ 0.776 million.

In addition, the exports of other computer services witnessed a decrease of 4.63 percent going down from US$ 499.337 million to US$ 476.240 million.

Meanwhile, the export of information services during the period under review declined by 16.43 percent going down from US$ 3.470 million to US$ 2.900 million.

Among the information services, the exports of news agency services decreased by 12.42 percent, from US$ 2.279 million to US$ 1.996 million whereas the exports of other information services also decreased by 24.10 percent, from US$ 1.191 million to US$ 0.904 million.

The export of telecommunication services also witnessed a decrease of 2.24 percent as these went down from US$ 332.010 million to US$ 324.560 million during the months under review, the data revealed.

Among the telecommunication services, the export of call centre services increased by 1.54 percent during the period as its exports increased from US$ 135.453 million to US$ 137.535 million whereas the export of other telecommunication services decreased by 4.85 percent, from 

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