Ishqiya Last Episode: Love Is To Give Respect, Not To Take! #RevengeDestroys

The most breathtaking drama serial Ishqiya has come to an end. Who thought that the love story of four people would become this tragic? Without a doubt, the drama Ishqiya was nailbiting since day one, and now it is the last day. So, how come the last episode of Ishqiya would not let you bite your nails. Here all that happened in Ishqiya Last Episode, have a look!

Ishqiya Last Episode Part I:

Video Credits: ARY Digital

Rumi Gave Hamza The Biggest Love Message:

When she came to confront Hamza she gave him the biggest lesson. She said, “Love is to give respect, not to take respect”. In addition, she said, “Love gives shelter!”

Hamza’s Family Confronts Him:

Certainly, when Rumi showed the real face of Hamza his family confronts him and scolds him to death. Their reaction was true and genuine. Even though, his beloved sister Zoya is not talking to him.

Azeem Warns Hamna:

Hamna went to her mom’s place without his permission and the results worsen. However, Azeem said if she ever interferes in this matter now then she would be responsible for the consequences.

Hamza Confesses To Rumi:

With lots of courage, Hamza decides to confess everything to Rumi and to give his relationship another chance. He told everything to Rumi, all his evil plans. Furthermore, he told her that gradually he falls in love with her. Hamza pleads to her and asks for forgiveness. However, she said, “You cannot love anyone, you are bounded in yourself”. In addition, she said;

“You do not know what love is, you think to get what you want is love” also, “And, if not then you aim to destroy everything”.

Rumi’s Miscarriage:

Certainly, she was in deep depression and stress, due to which she lost the most precious thing of her life. Hamna believes that Rumi is paying for all that she did.

Hamza Will Fight For Her Love:

He is deeply in love with her so for that he is ready to fight. He said, “If can fight for my revenge then I would certainly do it for my love”

Hamza’s Mother Asks Rumi Not To Forgive Hamza:

The Ishqiya Last Episode is certainly full of tragedy, the mother of Hamza asks Rumi not to forgive Hamza for his act. She should be strong.

Ishqiya Last Episode Part II:

Video Credits: ARY Digital

Hamza Gets Slapped By Her Mom:

The family of Hamza is very sensible and not biased to his son. They do believe that Hamza has done a lot of sins. She told him that he is no longer to be called “Father”. It is the time when Allah has started his punishments. He cried badly for his child.

Hamna Accepts All Her Faults In Front Of Azeem:

She confronts that she has done a lot of mistakes and the biggest mistake she did is by telling truth to Azeem. Furthermore, she said she has felt for granted and useless. Also, she said “If she does not get the forgiveness, might death would be hard for her”

Zoya Makes Hamza Ashamed:

She told Hamza that she always wanted her husband like him. And now she is with someone also, she said that he has many love messages from her too. Furthermore, she says “I hope he would not be like you”

Azeem’s Soft Corner For Hamna:

When she accepts everything to Azeem, he builds a soft corner for her and came to Rumi to tell everything to her. Furthermore, he believed that Hamna truly believes that she is innocent and she couraged to say the truth.

Alishba Meets Hamza:

Alishba confesses her love and asks him to go with her. But he said, “Rumi has left the home, not my heart” and told her not to wait for him.

Rumi Wants Divorce:

The character of Rumi has always been very strong therefore, she did not forgive him but wants a divorce. The Ishqiya Last Episode, has proved how a woman can be strong. Hamna brings divorce papers to Hamza, which stunts him.

Ishqiya Last Episode End:

The Ishqiya Last Episode has torn the heart into pieces, watching Hamza in deep grief was the saddest part. But when you dig a grave for someone, you certainly dunk into it. He remembers each and every wrong deed he did, and he has nothing but regression. On the other hand, Hamna is happy with Azeem and she is now expecting. The end tells us that;

“Revenge shall not be the choice. It is better to accept what has Allah written for us!”

Killing Performances:

The drama Ishqiya becomes a blockbuster due to its power cast. The characters Hamza, Rumi, Azeem, Hamna, Alishba, Zoya, their parents, and everyone has added their best and the results are shown. The convincing yet powerful expressions have made it one of the best dramas of 2020. However, the storyline deserves a standing ovation too.

Public Hype For Ishqiya And Sad Reacts For Hamza:

Without a doubt, Ishqiya had been a spectacular drama. And when the Ishqiya Last Episode came on air it is trending on Twitter at #4.

Ishqiya trends at #4

Most of the audience feels that Hamza did not deserve this. Have a look!

Tweet in the support of Hamza by a fan

Ishqiya Last Episode

A few more in his support

But a few of the people support the ending.

Ishqiya Last Episode

What do you think? Let us know!


The mesmerizing OST is sung by Asim Azhar

Video Credits: ARY Digital


Feroz Khan
Ramsha Khan
Hania Aamir
Gohar Rasheed
Shabbir Jan
Khalid Anum
Seemi Pasha
Maha Hasan
Kinza Malik
Zahid Qureshi
Nabeela Haq

Other Details:

Writer: Mohsin Ali Shah
Director: Badar Mehmood


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