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Ishq-e-Laa Preview: Why is everyone excited for this Sajal, Yumna and Azaan starrer?

It’s yet to arrive. It has the potential to alter the way we consume dramas. Yes, we’re talking about the Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi, and Azaan Sami Khan starrer, Ishq e laa, which is soon to air on Hum TV. The teasers revealed the drama’s plot and it seems to be a good story narrated with many twists. Be it the intriguing first look, acting chops, and the soulful OST, Ishq-e-Laa promises to be one helluva ride. Don’t you feel the same?

Video Credits: HUMTV

We at Trending in Social have listed down five reasons just to help you decide, why you should be watching Ishq-e-Laa. Scroll Down.

Queen of Hearts – Yumna Zaidi and Sajal Aly

Two very fine actors are coming together and their camaraderie is one to watch out for. Sometimes I wonder how Zaidi and Aly manage to knock out viewers and critics with every performance. Being the top actors of the industry, they were not hesitant to be paired opposite debutant Azaan Sami Khan. Their smashing introduction in the promos has us believe that this will be another rollercoaster ride of love, betrayal and tears bringing intensity and emotions to the screen. Both the beauties have their distinctive style and they perform with so much ease, that we cannot wait to watch another stellar performance from them.

Relevant Content

As pretty much always, HUM TV has chosen another drama that boasts of solid content. 

The play depicts the socio-political scenario of Pakistan. As per sources, we’ll get to see the portrayal of the recent Noor Mukadam case. Besides Yumna’s recent projects, ‘Dil Na Umeed Tau Nahi’ and ‘Pyaar Ke Sadqay’, and Sajal’s ‘Alif’ and ‘Ye Dil Mera’ were massive hits, and all these dramas, too, had the kind of content that was suitable for all age groups and everyone could take away something from them. 

Directors Cut

No one can quite bring out the essence of love and beauty like Amin Iqbal. Every project from Iqbal is special. His last two projects ‘Deedan’ and ‘Dushman-e-Jaan‘ were smashing hits. He is well versed with the art of doing justice with his characters’ subconscious into an attractively manifested show of slickly designed emotions.

Musical Mood

Ever since the OST of Ishq-e-Laa was released, we couldn’t stop humming to the soulful track crooned by Azaan Sami Khan himself. There’s no doubt that Azaan is a musical genius and the OST is just a reflection of that. Lyricist Asim Raza does a marvelous job and the OST is climbing the charts already.

Video Credits: HUMTV

Momina Duraid’s Midas Touch 

HUM TV has portrayed a significant role in bringing up meaningful content to flourish the entertainment fraternity in Pakistan. With Ishq-e-Laa, they take a gigantic leap; the casting and directions are top-notch. Every single frame is detailed and beautifully colored. The grandeur and beautiful locations are a lavish treat for your eyes. Not to forget, the play is written by the legendary writer Qaisera Hayat, therefore Ishq-e-Laa is not just body beautiful, it has a soul too. 

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