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The Best Pakistani Dramas of 2022

Best Pakistani Dramas of 2022

2022 proved to be a successful year for the TV industry of Pakistan. Viewers were charmed with dramas with a mix of diverse genres from romantic sagas, women empowerment, gender equality, patriotism to family drama. The subject these dramas brought to the forefront was enlightening and got the viewers’ attention. As the year 2022 comes …

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From ‘Rehbra’ to ‘London Nahi Jaunga’, upcoming movies to watch in 2022  

Pakistani Films in 2022

Cinema in Pakistan is back on track. A decent numbe of films were released in 2020 and many did decent business at the box office. The second half of the year is packed with some good quality content. We at Trending at Social bring you the most anticipated films ahead …

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5 Profitable Business Ideas To Attract Potential Customers

5 Profitable Business Ideas

In the age of digital when online business is the need of the hour, finding the right niche is one of the fundamental things to work on to build a successful online based business. Choosing the correct niche to earn big is one of the most difficult things to do. …

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Movie Review: ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ is super entertaining right from the start

The makers of Ghabrana Nahi Hai had designed, conceptualized, and executed the film as a mass entertainer. And then, Covid brought the world to a halt. They waited patiently for around two years for cinemas to reopen. And the wait was worth it! After having watched Ghabrana Nahi Hai, we genuinely feel that it is a well-made Pakistani film, we have seen in …

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Celebrate The Spirit Of Ramadan With These Vibrant Shows & Transmissions  

Ramadan Shows & Transmissions 2022

Ramadan is a global moment for people all around the world. It marks a month of austerity for Muslims abstaining from food and water from sunrise to sunset. The idea behind the holy month isn’t just too fast and feast, but also to reflect upon and show compassion for each …

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What to Watch in Ramadan 2022? Sneak Preview of the must watch Ramadan Plays

What to Watch in Ramadan 2022

Ramzan special dramas have gathered momentum in Pakistan. Over the couple of years projects like Suno Chanda. Chupke Chupke and Ishq Jalebi have entertained the viewers to a great extent making Ramzan special plays into a norm. The fun and light-hearted drams make the entire family bond together and turn …

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The All-New Honda Civic 2022 now launched

The All-New Honda Civic 2022 now launched

It’s finally here and it’s better than ever! Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) has finally launched the most awaited car of 2022 ‘The All-new Honda Civic’. The makers had been releasing teasers for the upcoming exquisite model for the last three months while revealing its key features in succession. …

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Get ready to be amazed by the All-New Honda Civic 2022

Honda Civic 2022

Honda Pakistan’s All-New Honda Civic 2022 is all set for a grand debut. Honda has been teasing its users with glimpses that reveal the new model is the 11th-generation Civic that offers exclusive global Laser Brazing Technology in Pakistan. Its Laser Brazed Roof will make its exterior seamless, body stronger and interior noiseless.  Feeling excited already? Get …

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Here’s A Look At The Top 5 Motorcycles In Pakistan

Honda Bikes prices in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the few countries from around the world where almost every second individual owns a two-wheeler.  The motorcycle is not just a machine but a companion to the citizens. Rush hours in the country are a common phenomenon. One can get stuck in long traffic jams in …

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Top Turkish Dramas of 2021 that were huge hits in Pakistan

Top Turkish Dramas of 2021

Over the years, the international viewership of Turkish content has increased rapidly. Their beautiful storylines, mesmeric acting performances, and actors who look just as good as they act on screen, several Turkish television serials made serious headways among Pakistani audiences. Admired as a piece of art, these Turkish television shows …

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