First Look, Start Date, Cast & Storyline of ARY Digital Drama Serial Jhooti

Iqra Aziz as Nirma Steals The Show in First Episode of Jhooti

Latest Pakistani drama serial to have aired is Jhooti, replacing the blockbuster Mere Paas Tum Ho on Saturday 1st Feb 2020, at 8PM on ARY Digital. The drama serial is an iDreams production, directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi whilst it has been penned down by Ali Moeen.

First Look, Start Date, Cast & Storyline of ARY Digital Drama Serial Jhooti

Drama serial Jhooti Episode 1 In Review

As per the first episode revealed, Iqra Aziz steals the show completely with her remarkable performance. This drama serial tells the story of a greedy girl played by Iqra Aziz as Nirma who has the worst habit of lying in order to get whatever she wants. Coming from a middle class family Nirma, is a selfish and self-centered girl who lies with such conviction that she never gets caught. Nirma’s aim in life is to become rich and have a luxurious lifestyle.

The next central character of Jhooti is Ahmed Ali Butt as Nasir, who is a simple man who runs a small store in the neighborhood where Nirma lives. Nasir is madly in love with Nirma and want’s to get married to her. Furthermore,  Nirma does not like Nasir and want to marry a rich guy, whereas she is pushed hard by her family to get married against her wishes.

Qasim Khan as Majid plays the second eldest brother of Nirma and Mariyum Nafees as Saman is his wife in draa serial Jhooti. Majid is aware of Nirma’s nature and never supports her. His wife on the other hand, always favors Nirma. Madiha Rizvi as Zubia is the eldest sister-in-law of Nirma who remains the target of Nirma’s constant lies and deceit. Tauqeer Nasir as Akbar plays the father of Nirma who loves his daughter and has spoiled her. He takes his daughter’s side in every situation. Shaista Jabeen as Zubaida and Zahid Qureshi as Manzoor are the parents of Nasir (Ahmed Ali Butt). They are innocent people who are exploited by Nirma’s greed games. Yasir Hussain plays Ali who is a con man and a bigger liar than Nirma.

Jhooti Episode 1

Video Credits: ARY Digital

Who is a bigger liar in Jhooti? Stay tuned to the drama serial to find out more. 


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