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International Mountain Day: Restoring Mountain Ecosystems for a Sustainable Future

International Mountain Day, celebrated annually on December 11, draws attention to the invaluable role mountains play in our ecosystems, climate, and the diverse communities that call them home. This year’s theme, “Restoring Mountain Ecosystems,” aligns with the UN decade on ecosystem restoration (2021–2030) and underscores the urgent need to protect and rehabilitate these critical landscapes.

In 2002, the United Nations General Assembly designated December 11 as International Mountain Day, recognizing the significance of mountains beyond their aesthetic appeal. Covering approximately 27 percent of the Earth’s land surface, mountains are not only breathtaking landscapes but also essential contributors to global biodiversity and environmental stability.

The chosen theme for 2023 aligns with the broader mission of the UN decade on ecosystem restoration, co-led by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN and the UN Environment Programme. This decade serves as a rallying point for political support, scientific research, and financial investment to amplify restoration efforts and prevent further degradation of mountain ecosystems.

Mountains host around half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, harboring an extraordinary array of plants, animals, and culturally diverse communities with distinct languages and traditions. Beyond their cultural significance, mountains provide crucial ecosystem services, including climate regulation, water provisioning, soil maintenance, and conservation.

Alarming trends, however, threaten mountain ecosystems. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, up to 84 percent of endemic mountain species face the risk of extinction. Populations of various mountain plant and animal species are projected to decline, putting these unique ecosystems in peril.

The recent biodiversity agreement at the 2022 United Nations Biodiversity Conference, pledging to protect 30 percent of the Earth’s lands and waters by 2030, serves as a crucial step toward the revival and safeguarding of mountain landscapes. This commitment provides hope for the conservation and sustainable management of mountain ecosystems, recognizing their vital role in maintaining biodiversity and supporting human well-being.

On this International Mountain Day, let us reflect on the importance of these majestic landscapes and recommit ourselves to actions that restore and preserve mountain ecosystems for current and future generations. Whether through sustainable land use practices, conservation initiatives, or global cooperation, the collective efforts of individuals and nations are essential to ensure the longevity and resilience of our mountain environments.

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