Ahmed Ali Akbar set to return to TV with ‘Idiot’

Idiot last episode: An emotional finale

The much-anticipated finale of “Idiot” has left viewers with a rollercoaster of emotions as they bid farewell to a story that revolved around a misfit, rebel, and thinker, Gulzar, played brilliantly by Ahmed Ali Akbar. The drama, which challenged societal norms and questioned the system throughout, delivered an emotional yet realistic ending that has become a talking point among fans.

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Idiot last episode

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One of the standout moments that resonated with viewers was the tragic passing of Gulzar. Fans expressed deep sadness over the loss of Ahmed Ali Akbar’s character, highlighting the impact his journey had on their connection with the show.

However, not every viewer was content with the forgiveness bestowed upon Sadat, played by another talented actor, whose character faced scrutiny for being let off too easily. Some fans argued that a more fitting punishment should have been meted out to Sadat, adding an extra layer of complexity to the story’s resolution.

Ahmed Ali Akbar’s script selection was also a topic of discussion among fans, with one viewer noting, “Ahmed Ali Akbar always chooses different scripts.” This appreciation for his diverse roles has undoubtedly contributed to the actor’s popularity.

Despite the mixed feelings about the conclusion, fans unanimously praised the superb performances of Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha. The emotional scene where Gulzar meets the mysterious character “Nobody” particularly stood out, showcasing the actors’ prowess and the depth of their on-screen chemistry.

Many viewers, while acknowledging the superb start of the drama, expressed disappointment in the tragic ending. The contrast between the promising beginning and the heart-wrenching conclusion left some fans yearning for a more uplifting resolution.

In the end, “Idiot” has left an indelible mark on its audience, thanks to the stellar performances of its leading cast, including Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha. The drama’s ability to evoke such strong emotions, from tears to contemplation, is a testament to its success in connecting with viewers on a profound level.

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