First look and OST of HUMTV Ramazan Play Fairy Tale

First look and OST of HUMTV Ramazan Play Fairy Tale

As Ramazan draws near, television audiences eagerly await the special plays that are made for the month. These light-hearted and romantic plays provide much-needed entertainment for viewers during this period. HUM TV, a pioneer in producing Ramazan special plays, has set a high bar for itself and others with productions such as Suno Chanda, Paristan, Chupke Chupke, Hum Tum and others.

Fairy Tale is the story of Two individuals who couldn’t be more different, come together to create magic.

Here is the first look and OST of HUMTV Ramazan Play Fairy Tale starring Sehar Khan & Hamza Sohail in lead roles starting From 1st Ramzan, Daily At 7:00 PM – HUM TV.

Fairy Tale First Look

Video Credits: HUMTV

Fairy Tale OST

Video Credits: HUMTV

HUM TV’s second offering for Ramazan 2023 is a comedy play Fairytale, a satirical look at the idea of a perfect life. The story of Fairytale revolves around Umeed, a young middle-class girl who dreams of living the life of a princess and is always on the lookout for get-rich-quick schemes. In her quest, Umeed receives an invitation to a show that promises to make her dreams come true but she soon realizes that there are no fairies or magical spells and everything comes with a hefty price tag.

Undeterred, Umeed sets out on a journey to make her dreams a reality, encountering quirky characters and learning valuable lessons about life, relationships, and happiness. With the help of her friends and family, Umeed discovers that the real magic in life comes from within.

Directed by Ali Hasan of the Paristan and Pyari Mona fame, produced by Momina Duraid Productions and written by Saira Majeed, Fairytale promises to be a laughter-filled ride with a humorous take on life, relationships, and dreams. This serial will mark the television debut of Adnan Raza Mir and features Hamza Sohail, Sehar Khan, Ali Safina, Saman Ansari, Aena Khan, Saleem Sheikh and others in important roles. Starting from first Ramazan, Fairytale will air every day at 7 pm.

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure this Ramazan with HUM TV, and enjoy stories that will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart.


Hamza Sohail, Sehar Khan, Ali Safina, Saleem Sheikh, Adnan Raza Mir, Aena Khan, Salma Hasan, Tehseen Wajahat, Hina Rizvi, Saman Ansari, Amna.

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