HUM Network Limited and Islamabad Serena Hotel collaborate for a Ramazan event titled ‘Ramooz-e-Ishq’

In a beautiful collaboration between HUM Network Limited and Islamabad Serena Hotel, a night of spiritual resonance and soulful melodies was crafted on March 23, 2024. Titled ‘Ramooz-e-Ishq’ Suhoor Night, this event was not just a gathering; it was a convergence of hearts and minds from diverse backgrounds including artists, advertisers, dignitaries, diplomats, and passionate members from both Serena Hotel and HUM Network.

As the clock struck midnight, a palpable sense of spirituality filled the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Renowned qawwals Abu Muhammad and Fareed Ayaz took the stage, enchanting the audience with their mesmerizing performances. The melodies of their qawwalis transcended barriers, moving the listeners to sway in unison, their hearts beating in harmony with the profound rhythms. It was a moment of unity, where differences dissolved, and souls connected in reverence.

As the night progressed, Islamabad Serena Hotel treated the guests to a Suhoor setup fit for royalty. The carefully curated spread boasted an array of delectable dishes, ensuring that every palate was satisfied. From traditional delicacies to modern delights, the culinary journey was nothing short of a gastronomic extravaganza.

This collaboration between HUM Network and Islamabad Serena Hotel stands as a testament to their dedication in crafting unique and meaningful experiences for their guests, especially during the sacred month of Ramazan. The ‘Ramooz-e-Ishq’ Suhoor Night was not merely an event; it was a celebration of devotion, unity, and shared joy. It exemplified the true essence of Ramazan – bringing people together in love, compassion, and spiritual connection.

For those who missed this magical night, fret not. The event will be aired on HUM TV on Friday, April 5 at 10 p.m., ensuring that the spirit of ‘Ramooz-e-Ishq’ resonates far beyond the confines of that enchanting evening. Join us as we relive the magic and celebrate the beauty of togetherness in this blessed month.

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