How to make your travel cozy in Ramadan

That time to develop patience and practice abstinence is right around the corner. Although one is expected to practice patience and be calm throughout this month, I can say without water or food, the test is difficult. On the road, people who are driving are speeding and impatience levels are at an all-time high during this month. Traveling while fasting isn’t easy either, but sometimes one isn’t left with a choice. There are some tips that JovagoPakistan has come with to make sure the holy month is practiced in the way it is meant to be – with love, peace and patience.

1. Know it all:

It is important to understand and acknowledge what Ramadan is all about. Ramadan is not about fasting a whole day and participating in nightly parties once you break the fast. Ramadan is a lunar month, dedicated to religious practices and kindness.  Fasting may become challenging, so it is important to fuel your body accordingly i.e. follow proper Seheri and Iftari schedules. The more informed you are about the month, and the nutrients your body requires for a good and patient fast, the more relaxed you will find yourself.

2. Make your plans suitable for fasting:

Ramadan affects some people a lot, as it is hard to continue your daily routine without quenching your thirst or fueling your system. It is not a great time to travel, climb or trek, but if you have to do so, you should plan it properly. Once again, make sure you have a healthy Seheri if you have travel planned. Also, one is allowed to skip their fast, so if you feel your body won’t be able to handle traveling and fasting, make sure you think properly and realistically before deciding to keep (or not) a fast.

3. Keep yourself updated:

Try to keep yourself updated with the traveling conditions. The weather context, flights delays and cancellations may affect your plan badly. Keeping yourself in touch with such information saves you from any extra effort and worn-out situations.

4. Make it early:

We would advise you to keep important meetings and commitments in the early hours of the morning, before the sun is in full swing. This will help you save some of your energy level, because sunny afternoons tend to drain us out.

5. Stay away from traffic jams:

If you are commuting a lot by road during Ramadan, try avoiding areas with a lot of traffic. During Iftari time, traffic increases and chances of accidents are higher. It is good to find alternate times to travel.

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