This Hilarious Comparison between Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi will leave you in Fits

The latest Youtube video you need to track down for you late night boredom is of FOMO Daily where American viewers will compare our 2 favourite heart throbs – Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Afzal Khan.

When you think about it, it seems unfair to be comparing these supremely talented actors across one another since they both have distinct accomplishments. On one hand Hamza Ali Abbasi still holds an infant career with a few but memorable hallmarks of fame. While on the other, Fawad has made quite the journey from his Khuda Kay Liye and Entity Paradigm days to his big leap in Bollywood.

The format of the show required the participants to assess the two in 3 round – Twitter profiles, Advertisements and Movie Trailers.

ROUND 1 – Twitter Profiles

The girls were floored with Fawad’s dreamy looks, while the guys were seen appreciating his polite congratulatory tweets to his friends and colleagues.

Some of the comments were:

“He looks like George Clooney – A young, better looking, George Clooney”

“He is very good looking…He is ridiculously handsome!”

Yep the girls were clearly gushing over him!

This Hilarious Comparison between Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi will leave you in Fits

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But Fawad’s modest profile didn’t stand a chance against Hamza’s aggressive and thought provoking posts. Hamza frequently makes headlines for his bold, political and often controversial statements on social media, and the Americans (unlike many Pakistanis) were very inspired by his responsible stance in utilizing the platform for spreading awareness. He thereby won the first round hands down.

In reaction to his political views some of the reactions he got were:

“He’s fired up about that”

“And kind of rightly so…things aren’t really stable right now”

Well that’s an understatement…

One guy was particularly impressed:

“This is the responsible thing you should be doing with social media, not just be posting pictures of your Cat!”

Finally, someone said it!

The only down point of Hamza’s twitter profile, that gravely disappointed the boys and even cost him 1 vote, was the poster of the Dewmocracy commercial he shared – The reactions were classic!

As an aftershock of Dewmocracy the same guy actually went on and voted for Fawad instead. He remarked as:

“He’s the kinda guy I wanna be”

Well Duh!

ROUND 2 – TV Commercials

Let’s start with Fawad. Take a flash back to the Humsafar days when all leading brands of Pakistan were ready to sign the Humsafar duo at any cost! This Aquafina commercial was a direct product of the Humsafar craze that struck audiences back in the day. But our poor foreign friends didn’t know about the backstory and couldn’t help but comment on the cheesiness of the advert. That we too admit was a tad bit overdone.

Fawad Khan Vs Hamza Abbasi


“Such dramatic water!”

You got that right! From studying, marriage to family. It all happened because of WATER!

It only got worse from there, Fawad’s telecommunication commercial actually portrayed him as a very stereotypical father who had absolutely no culinary skills whatsoever – The girls weren’t too amused.

“Playing right into the stereotypes; what’s dad doing in the Kitchen? Only moms can cook!”

(Pun intended)

We agree with the ladies

“Do you really have to call the aunt to learn how to pour a milkshake?”

Valid question. I remember raising this point as well

Then came Hamza’s turn. His commercials were much more colourful and festive. First up was cake rusk. It was a typical Pakistani advertisement filled with all the key ingredients – A wedding backdrop, colorful clothing,  good-looking actors and random yet coordinated dancing – And voila, we have a success!

Then came the game changer, Hamza Ali Abbasi starring alongside the gorgeous Ayeza Khan for Mcdonald’s.

The initial suspense really managed to grab their attention and all sorts of questions and comments were being passed:

“What’s the product?”

“What are the selling?”

“It’s very dramatic!”

And then the bomb blew. You have to see the reactions. They are absolutely HILARIOUS! None of them saw it coming.

ROUND 3 – Movie Trailers

Fawad’s Kapoor and Son’s trailer didn’t disappoint at all and finally showcased his incredible acting skills to the oblivious Americans.



These were some of the comments he got:

“Hanging out in the cemetery for a first date?”

Very bizarre, we thought so too!

The girls’ reaction: “I like. I like. I like!”

The Boys’ reaction: “Do something nice for your grandfather”

So sweet!

Overall the film got the team’s approval and they genuinely seem to like what they were seeing.



Whereas the Wife changing experience of Yeh Jawaani Phir Nahi Ani really put off the girls.

“Why did you marry them then?”

One even went on to compare Hamza’s empowering twitter posts with his contradicting character in the trailer.

“This is so disappointing, cause he is the one that championed women in that thing”

(referring to the previously viewed tweet)

While Fawad won the last round, Hamza came out as a clear winner of the whole competition. But we all know much too well that these two actors are two  gems of the industry that both hold equally important and influential roles – There really is no comparison. Fawad is our timeless Ashar and Hamza is our innocent Afzal. How does one choose?

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