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Highlights from third transmission of Ishq Ramazan


Eminent Religious Scholar/ Host Shabbir Abu Talib welcomed audience with the meaningful message of spreading intellectual knowledge. Later, Shabbir began to introduce the special guests present at the Third Sehar Transmission from the sets of Ishq Ramazan.


–  In first segment Mufti Muhammad Shahid Madni recited a few verses from Quran and enlightened the audience with the ample knowledge of Quran.

– Pakistani popular political spokes person Asif Hussain and Salman Baloch graced the Ishq Ramazan Sehri transmission with their presence and educated thoughts.

-Moreover, in kitchen section today, Chef Irfan arranged tasty sehar cuisine. Moreover, Shabbir Abu Talib helped the culinary specialist recalling the endeavours of homebound women who plan sehri and iftari bearing the searing warmth.

– In the segment most popular and informative segment Sawal Aapka Jawab Humara, Shabbir welcomed Dr Fazal, Allama Masudi and other scholars and researchers and discussed about Prophet PBUH personality and his gleaming nature.

– Lastly, performing sehri with the guests present to grace Ishq Ramazan sehar transmission Shabbir Abu Talib welcomed Naatkhwans  to shower the flowers of adoration in respect of Prophet PBUH.

Concluding Sehar transmission Shabbir welcomed Faseeh -Uddin-Shoarwardi to present Namaz-e-Fajr in his heartfelt voice.

– Third Iftar transmission of Ishq Ramazan began with soulful Quranic verse recitation by Dr. Mehmood Madni

– Host Sahir Lodhi welcomed audience in the third Iftar transmission with a food for thought of the day. Sahir is known for his intellectual thinking, so does happens each day. Even today Sahir promised to deliver the supreme message regarding the required procedures in the Holy Month of Ramazan.

Later concluding the first segment Sahir introduced the panelists, experts and Naat Khwans as an integral part of TvOne Ishq Ramazan transmission.

Sahir announced to donate the cost spend on his styling to orphans, as he wish to celebrate Ramazan and Eid helping the underprivileged. In the meanwhile he also mentioned to witness simplicity throughout the Holy Month of Ramazan.

Shah-e-Madina, the most liked Kalam of Ishq Ramazan transmission was recited by the famous Naat Khwan panel including twin brothers Shami& Kami along with Aqsa and other respectable reciters.

In kitchen segment, Chef Warda prepared Paneer Reshmi handi, and at the Jam-e-Shreen kitchen Chef, Ehtesham prepared mouthwatering banana smoothie.

– In the segment Choti si Naiki, Sahir Lodhi warmly welcomed a representative from Alamgir Welfare Trust, Assistant trustee explains that Alamgir Welfare  Trust started with using the wasteful resources from nearby weddings until now the blessed startup is working with 800 patients each day. From wedding dowry issues to workings in educational sector by providing school course and full-term educational scholarships.

In Today’s remedy segment viewers witnessed herbal remedy of losing weight in just 10 days, along with a beneficial remedy for Skin Care in the Holy Month of Ramazan.

Sahir Lodhi lends a helping hand to Alamgir Welfare Trust, Sahir has already reciprocated the kind gesture by donating blood in the Holy Month of Ramazan with Fatmid Trust.

– Faseeh -Uddin-Soharwardi recited the most popular Naat Kalam Tanam Farsooda Jaan Para in his heartfelt voice.

– In the most like debate segment, Sahir Lodhi welcomed the fresh set of participants to present their words on the topic “Har Chamkti Chez Sona Nahi Hoti” although it was tough competition between the participants two out of four managed to proceed to the next level.

Before the break young  NaatKhwans panel presented Qaseeda Burda Shareef along with Asr Azan by Faseeh-Uddin- Soharwardi. After the break, Sahir introduced the first set of quizzes in the quiz competition.

Competition heat is on, however it’s just the third day of the ongoing competitions and we

have a month to set the winners. Concluding the third Iftar transmission Sahir Lodhi welcomed ulemas and NaatKhwans to perform 3rd Roza Iftar together with a message of peace and harmony.


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