Highlights from second Iftar transmission of Ishq Ramazan

Shabbir Abu Talib welcomed audience in the second Iftar transmission in his soulful voice and began to talk about Nafil Ibadat, Sadqat and blessing which showers upon the recitor from Allah through the angles. Later, Shabbir cleared concepts about Nafil Ibadat and Sunnah, even he discussed the positive impact on people who make their presence in Ramazan Transmissions.

Next segment and the most like segment began with Mufti Muhammad Shahid Madni’s disscussion and his ample knowledge about Quranic verses. Last night Mufti Shahid Madni focused on Surah Baqrah Ayat no 8 – 12 and presented it’s tafseer to enlighten the muslim umnah with plentiful knowledge.

Later, Shabbir Abu Talib introduced Ulemas and NaatKhwans presented at the Sehar transmission to grace Aalim time with their magnificent knowledge on the topic of Revelation of Quran. Furthermore, Dr Fazal  focused on early education and the importance of Quranic teaching for young souls.

In the  segment mazedar sehri chef Irfan taught audience how to make Mughlia handi. Also, audience witnessed the presence of Peer Syed Shahid Shah Jilani in Ishq Ramazan Sehri transmission.

Later, in the segment Warafana Laka Zikrak Ulemas and Naat Khwans present at the Ishq Ramazan sehri trnamission with the flowers of adoration for Prophet (PBUH).

Second last segement Rehmatallil Alameen Shabbir Abu Talib welcomed audience along with Ulemas and NaatKhwans present at the transmission for second Sehri powered by Rehmat-e-Sehreen. Later, presented Naat Khwan began with Hazarat Abu Huraira and the his connections with Holy Prophet (PBUH) .

Shabbir concluded the show with promises that the upcoming Sehar transmission will be successful as well.

Second Iftar Transmission began with the soulful recititation Tu Kuja Maan Kuja  in the voice of Jamshed Sabri brothers. Like a curtain raiser everyday these soulful recitations make the most popular tranmission beautiful and worth watching amongst all.  As Sahir loves to interact with the audience the segment Bait Bazi have always been the favorite amongst audience, and to pick the pace Sahir began to interact with the audience present with the presenting the poetic verses.

Do you think It’s possible for us to do Ramazan transmission without kitchen segment? This year the kitchen segment it little different in a way that Chef Wardah who is known for her cooking skills is bound to interact with her audience, and with a promise to fulfil everyones desire to know a few important ramadan recipes. In today’s kitchen segment Chef Wardah prepared chicken cheese Kababs fulfiling viewers choice.

Later, Sahir introduced the first set of quizzes in the quiz competition. Moreover, the live audience took a charge while the competitors failed to answer and won Umrah tickets. The competition heat is on, however it’s just the second day of the ongoing competitions and we have a month to set the winners.

Concluding the first Iftar transmission Sahir Lodhi welcomed ulemas on board for special dua of Istaqbal-e-Ramazan with a hope to present the promising best each day.

Watch Ishq Ramazan Transmission Here:

Sehar Transmission:

Iftar Transmission:

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