Highlights from PM Imran Khan’s Speech at the Historic Inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor

9th November 2019 a historic day on which the dreams of Millions of Sikhs around the World especially in India finally fulfilled, as the Gurdwara in Kartarpur is now officially open for Sikhs to perform their religious rituals. Prime Minister Imran Khan officially inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor and the Sikhs were allowed to visit the Gurdwara, free of cost on this auspicious day.

Pakistan to generate over 5.5 Billion rupees of annual revenue with the opening of Kartarpur Corridor

Highligts from PM Imran Khan’s Speech on the Inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor

Prime Minister Imran Khan quoted Our Prophet (PBUH) who spend his own life teaching peace, brotherhood and religious tolerance. Islam-the religion of humanity always advocated Morality and ethics in Nation’s life. That is a reason Pakistan offered Peace-Talks to Narendra in order to solve Kashmir issue. Unfortunately, Kashmir’s right to self determination granted by United Nation was taken from India. Pakistan has opened the corridor of peace with India in order to suppress historical conflicting situation and hatred in between India and Pakistan. Lets start a journey of love, harmony and good will.


Video Credits: PTV News

Firstly I want to wish the Sikh community for the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak Ji. I congratulate you and I congratulate our state institutions for completing this in record time. I had no idea that our government could be so efficient; by putting up this beautiful complex in 10 months. This means you can do a lot more work more efficiently. There are prayers for you from the heart for bringing happiness to so many people.

It makes me happy to see the happiness of the Sikh community when they come here. The poetry Navjot Sidhu did from the heart; God resides in our hearts. When you make people happy, you make Allah happy. We believe in Rab Ul Alemeen. We believe in Rehmat Ul Alemeen. The message of humanity and the message of justice. These are the two things that separate human beings from animals. Survival of the fittest is not humanity. That only the powerful survive.

Imagine if us Muslims could see Medina and not be able to visit it. Imagine how we would feel. This is why it makes me so happy that the Sikh community will be able to visit this Gurdwara which holds so much importance for them. I remember going to a conclave in India; and telling PM Manmohan Singh back then that we can lift the entire subcontinent by working together. I said the same to PM Modi. But unfortunately we have a huge human rights issue at hand; 8 million people are under lock down. The way people are kept like animals.

By force the rights of the people of Kashmir to self determination, granted by the UN, was taken from the people of Kashmir. I still maintain today; and if Mr.Modi is listening, justice is what brings peace and prosperity. Let’s co exist as human beings is what I Say to Mr.Modi. Imagine working together, and alleviating poverty and illiteracy from the region. Just imagine the possibilities. People from India, the Sikh community can come here, and I am happy that I am here to witness this and open this corridor with you. I hope one day our relations one day are those beyond hatred, beyond the conflict of 70 plus years.

France and Germany fought wars but look at them today with their cross border relations, their trade. I hope to see this in the subcontinent very soon. Thank you very much for this historic moment today.

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