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Highlighting the Natural Assets of Pakistan


People say that Pakistan is one of the few countries that have been blessed greatly by the Mother Nature. One of the contexts in which this can be held true is the variation in topography that can be found throughout the country.

These changes in the Pakistan’s topography seems to know no boundaries as they remain busy in enchanting the visitors with their views. Be it the mighty mountain ranges that stand in all their glory in various parts of the country or the alluring views that various water bodies provide to the passersby, Pakistan has got it all.

Apart from the natural yet mesmerizing beauty that these varying landforms possess, Pakistan is also blessed with the vast amount of natural resources. The South Asian country is  home to various natural resources including salt, natural gas, coal, limestone, copper, forests etc.

Thereby, it would not be wrong to say that Pakistan is a land of jewels. In order to highlight the various resources that Mother Nature has bestowed Pakistan with, Jovago Pakistan bring you an exclusive article on the diverse natural assets that are spread all over the country.

  • Salt

Pakistan is home to various salt reserves. Among these is the Khewra salt mine that is the second largest salt mine in the world. The mesmerizing Khewra salt mine, near Lahore,  are not only a source of the vast amount of salt but it also attracts a large number of tourists towards themselves because of its picturesque beauty.

  • Forests

Apart from being an important source of food, lumber, paper, fuel wood, latex, and medicine, forests also play a very important role in preserving the natural landscape and the wildlife. Although forests amount to 4 percent of natural resources in Pakistan, they further beautify the landscape. Pakistan’s Ziarat valley is home to the world’s second largest Juniper forest.

  • Coal

Currently having deposits of about 185 billion tons, the dark colored natural resource is one of the most essential resources found in Pakistan. It is the mainly used in Pakistan for fulfilling the  energy requirements.  The country’s Thar coalfield is the 16th largest coal reserve in the world.

If you have information on any other natural resource that Pakistan is blessed with, then do share it with us in the comments section below.





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