Drama Serial Hadsa Unbanned

Geo television network’s drama serial “Hadsa” faced a ban by PEMRA last month. The ban was imposed due to the drama’s portrayal of a real-life rape survivor’s story. The survivor expressed that the drama was deeply distressing to her and to millions of other survivors. Notably, the lead role of Taskeen in the drama was portrayed by Hadiqa Kiani. “Hadsa” is scripted by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and produced by Shazia Wajahat and Wajahat Rauf.

Hadsa Ban Lifted

Today, the Islamabad High Court has granted permission for the broadcast of the drama “Hadsa.” Esteemed Pakistani television and film producer Wajahat Rauf shared this development on his Instagram account regarding the previously banned drama. In his post, he states, “The esteemed Islamabad High Court has given its consent for our fictional character Taskeen to narrate her inspiring journey towards seeking justice, not just for herself but for all survivors like her. Taskeen’s story portrays her transformation from being a victim to a survivor through unwavering determination in pursuit of justice. We are appreciative that audiences will have the opportunity to witness her complete story.”

According to the comprehensive Supreme Court ruling, the drama is permitted to be broadcast, provided that it excludes any scenes depicting rape. The High Court explained, “The order in question, dated August 30, 2023, issued by Pemra, has been temporarily halted in accordance with legal precedent.” Furthermore, the High Court emphasized, “Only the objectionable segments should be restricted from airing and must be appropriately edited, while the complete play or drama should not face any prohibition on its broadcast or rebroadcast.”

A glance at last aired episode of Hadsa:-

Hadsa Episode 10


“Hadsa” chronicles the journey of Taskeen, a strong-willed and outspoken woman, who enjoys a blissful and prosperous life alongside her devoted husband and children. With wedding preparations for her eldest son in progress, Taskeen’s world is suddenly torn apart by a harrowing incident, thrusting her into a tumultuous aftermath. Her previously harmonious existence becomes a labyrinth of emotions, trauma, and unpredictability. In her quest to reclaim her life and forge a path ahead, she faces a formidable struggle.

Will Taskeen discover the resilience to mend and recuperate? Can her family offer the vital support she craves? And how will their relationships evolve as they grapple with the unforeseen turmoil that has overwhelmed their existence?


Hadiqa Kiani as Taskeen
Aly Khan as Ghazanfar malik
Romaisa Khan as Bakhtain
Khaqan Shahnawaz as Kumail
Ali Dayan as Turaab
Zhalay Sarhadi as Bakhtawar
Saleem Mairaj as Karamdad
Juggan Kazim as Ammara
Fariha Jabeen as Humaira bano
Fozia Mushtaq as Aalma begum
Aamir Qureshi as Saqlain malik
Humaira Bano

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