Glamorous Red Carpet launch of Street Burger in Islamabad

After the roaring success story of the very popular Islamabad Restaurant Street 1 Café, Sofia & Ali Umar Alvie and Samreen & Ahsan Bhatty joined hands to launch Street Burger in Isloo.

“Street Burger”  was launched at a glamorous Red Carpet launch over the Sliders & Shakes Monday, From6:00 pm to 9:00 pm ,handled by Rezz PR & Events and hosted by Top Models of Pakistan  . Attended by the crème de la crème of the Capital, it was a rocking event reception with guests pouring inn to give good wishes to the hosts.  From Businessmen to social elite to Diplomats to Politicians, all came in full force.

“Street Burger is a classic burger joint. We grind a cust​om blend of ultra premium beef every morning to be used only on the day. Our 100% pure beef is always fresh and will never see the inside of a freezer. We cook our patties on a mirror finished chrome plated flat top griddle as against a conventional char griller. This helps lock in the taste and moisture so our patties are properly cooked and never dry from the inside. We believe in purity and simplicity in our approach hence, there are no additives, fillers or preservatives ever added to our meat. Our chicken is treated in a similar manner so the juiciness and taste always stays locked in. Fresh and juicy are the words that best describe our burgers.”Says Owner Ahsan Bhatty

“From the first bite of your burgers and sandwiches to your last French fry to the last sip of our full dairy thick shakes, quality is the most important ingredient of all. We don’t freeze, we don’t pre-package and we never over-process. We just make things fresh and the old-fashioned way. Of course a great burger deserves to be accompanied by great fries. Our French fries come from the finest, freshest ingredients we can find—potatoes shipped right from the farm, which are individually cut then cooked in 100% pure vegetable oil. We have our own in-house baking facility, which enables us to produce the best buns for our burgers. Our shakes are just as genuine because we know a real shake can only be made with real dairy ice cream. All our confectionary is also baked in-house daily using European gourmet ingredients and Belgian chocolate.” Says  Co Owner Ali Umar Alvie

“ Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. Our American cheese, Swiss and the Provolone are the real thing. We import our cheese from the best dairies around the world. Our hand selected produce is the best we can find in the area and we use as much organic meat and vegetables as available. All of our ingredients are delivered fresh daily.

Health and hygiene is our top priority and all products used at Street Burger are certified to be food grade. All our equipment is imported from the industry leading vendors of United States.  We grind the meat ourselves and make it into patties ourselves. These steps enable us to completely control the patty-making process and be absolutely certain of the quality and freshness of every patty we make for our premium burgers and sandwiches. “ said Sofia Ali Umar Alvie and Samreen Ahsan Bhatty

Some Quotes

Not focusing on the bun is like buying a new TV with no cable

/ A great burger should be dirty yet decadent

/ Its always the right time for a proper burger

/ If you don’t have your own secret burger sauce, who are you really?

/ Great buns make the world a better place

/ Everything is, and should be, made fresh daily

/ If you get a burger within 30 seconds they’re using a radiation cooker

/ Go ahead, dunk those fries in your decadent milkshake

/ If you don’t love what you do. Do something else


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