Fempowerment Foundation Forum 2023: A Night of Empowerment, Fashion, and Inspiration

The Fempowerment Foundation Forum made waves in the heart of New York City, taking place at the enchanting Angel Orensanz venue. This unforgettable evening celebrated the essence of women’s empowerment through an array of captivating events and inspirational figures. The standout moments included an unprecedented all-male panel discussion on women’s empowerment, a unique fashion show by Gingerblu, and heartfelt honors bestowed upon Aroon Shivdasani and Gloria Starr Kins. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable gathering.

A Unique All-Male Panel Discussion:

One of the evening’s highlights was a groundbreaking all-male panel discussion on women’s empowerment. Esteemed panelists, each with their unique perspectives, engaged in dialogue on vital topics like gender diversity, equality, and the crucial role men play in the journey of Fempowerment. The panel included notable figures such as Kunal Sood, Alberto Ferreras, Pranav Yadav, Jeffrey Banks, and Freddie Leiba. Moderated by Kiren Srivastav, the Founder of Fempowerment Foundation & Awards, this discussion provoked thought and emphasized the importance of taking action to empower women.

Fashion That Inspires:

Gingerblu took center stage with a unique fashion show that showcased Resurgence Gingerblu SS24. This collection was crafted by women participating in the Fempowerment Foundation, who are on a journey to financial independence. They skillfully tailored garments using indigenous fabrics sourced from various states in India, offering a glimpse into their world of creativity and resilience.

A Remarkable Keynote Address:

The event commenced with an inaugural address by Fern Mallis, a fashion industry icon known for creating New York Fashion Week and her unwavering support for the fashion industry worldwide. Mallis emphasized the importance of empowering women, stating, “It’s the only way we will save the planet, govern, make peace, and possibly even live in harmony.” Her words resonated with the mission of the Fempowerment Foundation.

Entertainment and Cultural Enrichment:

The night was enriched with mesmerizing music performances by the Raga Boyz, a Sufi-rock classical band with a global following. Their eclectic repertoire transcended genres, from rock to Sufi, and captivated the audience. Additionally, art and performances by talented artists like Paul Moses and Kathak dancer Parul Shah added cultural depth to the event.

Inspiring Words from the Hosts:

Kiren Srivastav, the Founder of Fempowerment Foundation and Awards, emphasized the connection between empowerment and happiness. She called upon women in positions of power to be fair to all genders, underlining the importance of coexistence for a better world.

Fempowerment Foundation Forum 2023

Distinguished Guests and Supporters:

The event was graced by dignitaries such as Mr. Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs in the NYC Mayor’s office, Meera Gandhi, Dr. BK Modi, Rekha Modi, and many more. Their presence underscored the global significance of the Fempowerment Foundation.

A Special Thanks:

The success of the Fempowerment Foundation Forum was made possible through the support of individuals and organizations like Keyur Shah, Vikas Mehta, Sunil Hali, Annie Arora, Fashion Mingle, Navjot Arora, and Malicious.

The Fempowerment Foundation Forum 2023 was a testament to the power of collective action and the unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment. It brought together diverse voices, celebrated creativity, and inspired all in attendance. With initiatives like these, the Fempowerment Foundation continues to pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered world, where women thrive and society benefits as a whole.

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