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Fakhroo Ki Dulhaniya: A delightful Bakra Eid Telefilm

“Fakhroo Ki Dulhania” is a delightful telefilm that revolves around the lives of Fakhir and Zainab.

They find themselves in love with each other after working together in the same office. However, their happiness is short-lived as they discover that their parents have already selected life partners for them. Faced with the challenge of convincing their families, Fakhir and Zainab embark on a hilarious journey filled with fun and chaos.

As Fakhir and Zainab navigate through their families’ expectations, they encounter a series of comical misunderstandings and confusions.

Will Fakhir and Zainab’s love win over the confusions that surround them? Can they find a way to convince their parents and pave the path for their happily-ever-after?

To find out watch the complete telefilm here:-

Fakhroo Ki Dulhaniya Complete Telefilm

Video Credits: GEOTV

Fakhroo Ki Dulhania is a 7th Sky Entertainment Production, written by Nooran Makhdoom and directed by Saima Waseem.


Madiha Imam Shehzad Sheikh Zainab Qayoom Shajeer Uddin Kashif Mehmood Asim Mehmood Fazila Lashari.

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