Emirates announces limited passenger flights to more cities

Emirates Suspends All Flights To Israel Amidst Escalating Conflict

In response to the intensifying military conflict in Gaza, Emirates airline has taken the decision to suspend all flights to and from Israel until further notice. This move comes as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and security of passengers amidst the volatile situation in the region.

Initially, the Dubai-based carrier had announced a suspension until October 20. However, in light of the persisting unrest, this restriction was subsequently extended to October 26, then to November 14, and most recently to November 30. The evolving nature of the conflict has prompted Emirates to reassess its operations to Israel, with a commitment to passenger safety at the forefront of its considerations.

The latest update from the airline reveals that Emirates will not be accepting customers with onward connections to Tel Aviv until further notice. This underscores the airline’s dedication to prudently navigating the fluid circumstances surrounding the conflict. Emirates remains in close contact with relevant authorities, vigilantly monitoring the situation to make informed decisions regarding the resumption of services.

Passengers impacted by these flight suspensions are strongly advised to reach out to their respective booking agents promptly. These agents will provide essential information regarding alternative flight options, refund processes, cancellation procedures, or the possibility of rebooking their flight itineraries. The airline acknowledges the inconvenience caused to travelers and emphasizes its commitment to assisting them during these challenging times.

Emirates, which previously operated three daily flights to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, expresses its understanding of the disruption faced by passengers and assures them that safety remains the top priority. As the situation unfolds, the airline pledges to keep passengers informed about any further developments or changes to its flight operations to and from Israel. Travelers are encouraged to stay updated with official announcements and advisories as the airline continues to navigate this complex and dynamic scenario.

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