'Eidi envelopes' a new trend replacing traditional mode of exchanging 'Eid Cards'
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The culture of Eid cards replaced by Digital Platforms

The culture of writing letters and sending Eid cards is fast diminishing in the present society where people especially youngsters were seen prefer to wish their near ones through electronic greetings and downloading Eid greeting apps ahead of the upcoming festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.

The nature of Eid greetings has drastically changed now as most citizens had turned to digital platforms to wish Eid greetings instead of sharing Eid cards, said a report aired by a Private news channel.

No doubt the days are gone when people used to send Eid cards to family and friends on a large scale, said an old age citizen, adding, at present people have switched over to the internet, mobile phones and social networks to express their feelings.

The particular trend has dwindled over the years, said a female teacher, adding, the practice of sending Eid cards was once routine for most families to spend time appropriately selecting, purchasing, writing and posting Eid greeting cards to friends and families but now, it has become a rarity.

Talking about the declining trend of the cards, a social media user said our lifestyle has changed now. “We are more mindful of our money now. It’s more convenient to download e-cards from the internet, which are free and one card can be sent to many friends with a single click.”

The people are seen exchanging advance E cards with heartfelt messages among relatives, friends and loved ones through social media services such as Facebook and Whatsapp on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, said a youngster.
The booksellers and gift owners said the trend of buying Eid cards had significantly declined due to social media.

For any festivals, social media have designed many cards and animations, said a digital expert, adding, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook have become the new trend and now people use these instant social media networks to wish their loved ones, said internet user.

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