Ehd E Wafa’s Last Episode Was a Roller Coaster Ride

What a great journey! There are a very few dramas that are so well-loved by the audience, Ehd e Wafa was definitely was one of them. The show’s last episode was set to be screened in cinemas but unfortunately, the makers couldn’t go through with that plan because of Coronavirus. Those who saw it know how emotional and epic was the ending and for those of you who are slightly behind, we are here to let you know all about the last episode and what we think of it. 

When it all started

This amazing show celebrated the friendship of four colleagues and their will to do something for their nation. All of them went their separate ways and found their purpose in life. They found love and careers they enjoyed. The show was produced by ISPR so there was a lot of patriotism in the mix which we loved. The ending of the show was not what people were expecting. It was entertaining and emotional and had us glued till the end.

The End

In the last episode, we were waiting with held breath, the moment when Saad would be martyred but to our surprise, it never happened. The final scenes were performed and edited so well that you almost felt you were present with the actors.

We would have to give a shoutout to the writer, as he highlighted the importance of bureaucrats, politicians, and army working together especially in the last episode. It gave an inside view of an army man’s life and how even the toughest of the lot have a hard time leaving everything behind.

The dedication of the young captain aka Saad was showing through. It delivered a very positive message to the youth of the country and all in all, was a wholesome experience. 

Have you seen the ending of Ehd E Wafa? Did you like it?

Watch Ehd E Wafa Last Episode 

Video Credits: HUMTV

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