Sabaat Taught Us That Nothing Remains Forever. A Big Shoutout To The Brilliant Actors

The most pleasing and dramatic drama serial has come to an end. With a heavy heart, we could not see the most elegant on-screen couple of Mawra and Ameer. Sabaat last episode came on air on October 25th, 2020, and it left the audience in tears and happiness at the same time. However, there are a few things that must deserve a devastating end. But what Sabaat taught us is that if you have evil thoughts and you aim for everyone’s bad you cannot be happy either. Let’s have a look at the Sabaat last episode and see what happened in it.

Video Credits: Hum TV

Anaya Slams Yasir Qureshi:

Anaya confronting Yasir Qureshi

Without a doubt, Anaya is a lady with an absolute character and possesses a professional perspective. However, when Yasir offers her a promotion letter she slams him up in front of everyone. And she proved that a woman can rise even without shortcuts.

Ali, Haris, and Miraal:

They all met in a court where Miraal is fighting to get a divorce from Haris. However, she humiliated Haris in front of Ali and left him begging for her. In addition, Ali appreciates her for giving a shut-up call to Haris

Anaya Back In Islamabad:

After slamming up Yasir Qureshi she came back to Islamabad. However, the mother remains a mother. Anaya’s mother instantly guesses that she is not fine. After digging up a bit she told her everything.

Miraal Met With An Accident:

After coming back from court, she met with a horrible accident, and her spinal cord got affected by it. Moreover, the doctors claim that it could be hard but she will soon get back on her feet.

Haris And Miraal:

The off-screen shoot by Sarah and Usman for Sabaat

Miraal regretted being with Ali, as he left her like this on the road. Moreover, she says that her grandmother was right everything can come to an end. In addition, Haris supported her like always he always stood up by her. He confesses her true love for her and Miraal appreciates that with a warm heart. He made her realize that life after death is more beautiful than this one and nothing can get older there.

Miraal Told Hassan The Truth:

When Miraal is lying on the bed she confesses how she is the culprit and how has she ruined his and Anaya’s life. She told him that she has manipulated everything and Anaya never cheated on him.

Hassan’s Spectacular Performance:

When Hassan came to know the truth he was in agony and anger, and he showed each emotion very gracefully. He left the audience
convinced by his acting skills.

Hassan And Anaya:

The beautiful on screen couple of Mawra and Ameer

When Hassan came to know the truth he goes to meet Anaya and apologizes to her for all that he did. However, Anaya is a lady with a strong persona, therefore, she asks her to leave and he means nothing to her now.

Anaya’s Mom Teaches Anaya A Lesson:

She teaches her that “One should forgive one because this is Allah’s trait”. Moreover, she says that she is the father of Ibrahim and she should forgive him. Moreover, she recalls her dad’s advice too.

Miraal Apologizes To Anaya:

Miraal said that “When a person becomes helpless, the person comes closer to God. The person starts finding out the real cause of the punishment that He gave to the person”. Moreover, Miraal tells Aanaya that Hassan is innocent, she made such circumstances that Hassan believed the situation.

Anaya, Hassan, and Ibrahim:

They all had a happy moment when Anaya forgives Hassan. Later on, Hassan said that make sure Ibrahim has the nature of his mother he must be like him.

The End Of Anaya and Hassan:

Well, they surely deserve a happy ending, even though, Hassan Fareed accepted her too. However, they are more strong now because of Ibrahim too.

The End Of Miraal and Haris:

With the help and love of Haris, Miraal stood up on her feet. She regretted humiliating Haris and she falls in love with him again.

Brilliant and Convincing Performances:

This cannot be denied that each and every character of this drama was very convincing. All of the actors did their job so well which makes the drama a success. The actors proved their skills and left the audience in a shock.


  • Mawra Hussain
  • Osman Mukhtar
  • Ameer Gilani
  • Sarah Khan
  • Seemi Raheel
  • Syed Muhammad Ahmed
  • Jahanzeb
  • Abbas Ashraf Awan
  • Jaweria Kamran
  • Leyla Zuberi
  • Moazzam Ali Khan

OST Of Sabaat:

Video Credits: Hum TV
  • Singer: Ali Sethi
  • Composer: Naveed Nashad
  • Lyricist: Kashif Anwar

Other Details:

  • Directed By: Shehzad Kashmiri
  • Written By: Kashif Anwar
  • Produced By: Momina Duraid Production
  • Post: Apricot Post
  • Editor: Liaqat A.Baltee
  • D.O.P: Ehsun Kashmiri
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