Dushman e Jaan – A Power Pack Serial

Without a doubt, we must say that ARY Digital never fails to amaze us, and this time it is back with another power pack serial, Dushman e Jaan, which will certainly blow your mind away! Its first episode is already out. If you have not watched it yet, then certainly this piece of writing will help you to make a decision, whether to watch it or not. Just scroll a bit, a thrill is waiting for you!

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Dushman e Jaan

All About Dushman e Jaan:

Just a few headings away you know all about Dushman e Jaan, from Episode 1 to its leading casts. Have a look!

Episode 1 Story:

Introduction Of The Characters:

The story starts with a short introduction of each family, firstly, it shows the bond of two sisters Rubab and Ramsha. These two sisters are the leading female actresses of drama serial Dushman e Jaan. Rubab is the younger sister, who takes care of every family member including her elder sister Ramsha. After the death, of their mother, Ramsha takes care of the liabilities and responsibilities, financially. It happened because their father is handicapped and still mourning on her wife. Whereas, the two sisters have a brother named Rameez, who is seriously sick and lives on medicine. He is on dialysis.

On the other hand, the lead male actor of Dushman e Jaan Hatim is an arrogant and stubborn man. Her mother, playing by Saba Hamid is an independent self-made woman, certainly, due to which her marital life is unhappy. In addition, due to unhappy marital life, their son Hatim has suffered a lot.

Moreover, there is another family, this family is linked with Rubab and Ramsha. Apparently, because their mother was a sister of Zaheer’s father. Zaheer is a fiance of Ramsha. They got engaged for about 2 years ago.

Ramsha and Hatim First Meeting & First Fight:

In drama serial Dushman e Jaan both of the leading actors that are Ramsha and Hatim are arrogant and very concerned about themselves. However, in the office of Ramsha, both of them faced a collision, and Hatim being an arrogant person did not apologize. On the other hand, Ramsha says some inappropriate words to him, which results in a conflict.

Moreover, Hatim says that she tricked and came near to him intentionally. On this statement, the conversation heated up. However, the CEO and friend of Hatim sort it out. In the room of CEO, Hatim says that “every working woman is looking for an eligible bachelor”

Zaheer Doubts Ramsha:

Video credits: ARY Digital 

Looks like the drama serial Dushamn e Jaan does not want to drag the story unnecessarily. Rameez’s condition went out of control and Rubab called Ramsha to take him to the hospital. Being a responsible sister, she asked for a half-day. In the same room, Hatim was sitting too. While Ramsha got the permission of half-day, Hatim offered him to drop wherever she wants to. In a return of it, Ramsha says “Why… are you a driver?”

Ramsha on the bus stand waiting for the bus and Hatim passes by. He stops and offered her again, furthermore, he added “sit in a car and assume its a taxi”. She agrees on it. Hatim tried to talk but lifted her chin up like a queen and said “I don’t talk to driver”. On the other hand, waiting at the signal Zaheer saw Ramsha sitting in a car with a guy. Certainly, he is unaware of the back story but he doubts her.

At the signal, she gave him a few of the money and says “its the fare” and sits in an auto-rickshaw and leaves. Zaheer witnessed it all and get upset.

Zaheer and Ramsha Date Fixing:

Dushman e Jaan is on a roller coaster of thrill and excitement. Here comes a u-turn, as the parents of Zaheer want him to get married soon, and on the other hand, the father of Ramsha is worried if she gets married who will look after the home. Ramsha is also worried about it but it seems like nothing is in the favor of Ramsha.

Dushman e Jaan Episode 2 Promo:

Check out the promo and get shocked because Zaheer refuses to marry Ramsha. Is it because of Hatim?

Video credits: ARY Digital 

Leading Characters:

The following are the leading characters of drama serial Dushman e Jaan:
Mohib Mirza as Hatim
Tooba Siddiqui as Ramsha
Madiha Imam as Rubab
Muhammad Mubarik Ali as Zaheer
Saba Hamid as Hatim’s mother

Also, look at the mesmerizing teasers of the drama serial Dushman e Jaan

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