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Dolmen Mall Celebrates Fun Packed Universal Children’s Day 2017


Dolmen Malls, Pakistan’s first international standard mall, celebrated Universal Children’s Day with a weekend packed with fun and learning for kids and their families.

From 17th to 20th November, the mall turned into a dream land for children with candies falling from the roof, gravity photo booth, a chocolate land and a Fairy Godmother granting wishes of little kids. Children came with their parents who enjoyed various discounts on children’s clothing and accessories, and visited the special Children’s Day Bazaar while the little ones played games, got their faces painted and were transported to their fantasy world during storytelling.

Dolmen’s own superheroes, the mall management, rescued flustered parents by taking their crying kids to Sindbad, the happiest place for children where they were hosted by Sindbad’s and left with a big smile on their face. During the four day event, children competed in quizzes, drew their imaginary world during arts and crafts, watched fancy balloon art and made their parents buy them their favourite books at various book stalls.



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