Do Actresses Have A Shelf Life? Which Senior Actresses We Would Love to See More Of?

Acting is a form of Art. We express ourselves with it and give a physical form to different stories. In an ideal world an actor, shouldn’t have a shelf life but unfortunately, we live in a dimension that values youth and beauty over wisdom and experience, especially when you are a woman. Actors after turning 50 become more charismatic and maintain their fan base while actresses fight to stay afloat. They are constantly pitched against each other and mostly, after a set age, they start losing scripts and directors that are willing to cast senior actresses in their shows.

Kyu k aurat ki tou koi life hoti hee nae after she hits 40. So, yes regrettably we see many dedicated actresses not getting the scripts they deserve as they age.

Here is a list of some senior Pakistani actresses we would love to see more of:-

Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed is one of the very talented actors in the Pakistani drama Industry. She has inspired many young artists and has shown her acting prowess in many dramas and films. She made a debut in showbiz by performing with a theater group her father established. She has since acted in many affluent plays and shows like Sammi, Tapish, Kahaniyan, and Mai Manto. However, we don’t see much if this accomplished actress now and we really hope these changes. Saeed’s brilliance deserves a stage!

source: Facebook/Saniasaeed

Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho is another gifted artist who gained a huge fan base with her flair for acting. She made her debut with Anwar Maqsood’s TV series and became a household name after her drama, “Sitara Aur Mehrunissa” started airing. She then went on to perform exceptionally well in dramas including Dasht, Junoon, Atiqa O, and Humsafar. She is not only a great actress but also a successful entrepreneur. She has a thriving makeup line and does a lot of social work. She is an acting wizard, she is vivacious and we want to see more of her on-screen! 

source: Pinterest

Nimra Bucha

Nimra Bucha is a top-rated Pakistani actress. She wowed the audience with her taking up of complex roles and exceptional acting skills. She started her career by acting in theatre. She then went on to do some powerful roles. Some of her acclaimed works include Daam, Parsa, Bandi, and Mera Yakeen. However, we don’t see this polished actress on screen now and we really wish we could.   

source: Pakpedia

Sawera Nadeem

Sawera Nadeem is a powerhouse of talent. She makes you believe in the stories and brings her on-screen characters to life. She was cast in her first drama at the age of 15. She then appeared in many classic shows namely, Mera Saaein, Bari Apa, Main Manto, and Qaid e Tanhai. Her services to the drama Industry are innumerable and we would love to see charming us with her apt acting skills!

source: watchpakistanidramasonline

We don’t know what is our society’s obsession with a woman’s age and we believe that talent should never be discriminated against. Women should be able to work as much and for as long as they want. We hope that we see these very talented ladies on our screens soon! 

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