City School Celebrate PR Guru Hasan Rizvi’s Success – A City School Alumni

The City School has been creating multi-faceted and dynamic personalities for the past four decades who have been projecting a positive image of our country. One such personality is Hasan Rizvi. Known to many as a talented PR guru, event manager, dancer, director and choreographer, Hasan is a role model for budding high achievers.

When asked about how he found the drive to taking on any and every task, Hasan says, “I was once told that it’s important to focus and not be the jack of all trades. I could not disagree more! Life’s short and you never know which opportunity will lead you to greatness. I learnt at a very young age that making your dreams a reality is always a possibility. I have been blessed with turning my passions into my business and that is the key to happiness.”

Hasan did not always aspire to be where he stands today, but while studying at The City School he not only discovered himself but the world around him with the innumerous opportunities it offers. Today he not only values all the skills he learnt back in school but also treasures the friendships he made during his days at The City School including various engineers, lawyers/barristers, actors, singers including Momal Sheikh and Komal Rizvi to name a few.

Listing down all the brilliant teachers who helped mold him into becoming a successful personality today, Hasan gives credit to his City School teachers, “I have too many favourite teachers to name but here goes. Miss Madiha, Mr. Asif, Miss Wajiha, Mr Fernandus, Miss Shazia, Mrs. Bandokwalla and many more. Till today I feel like a child when I meet them. We are forever indebted to their support. My favorite memory of City School life to date is dancing in front of all my peers for the very first time. I will never forget the jaw dropping reactions.”

Looking back at the skill sets Hasan could have only learnt at The City School, he says, “The City School sets the foundation; socializing, intercommunication skills, observational skills, net-working, amongst many others. My advice to all inspiring high achievers, goal setters, dreamers, sports fanatics, musicians is to live your student life to the fullest, as those are the best years you will remember. Live life to the fullest. You will eventually come into the real world and responsibilities will begin to pile on. I cannot stress this enough, ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!”


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