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Chaudhry & Sons Last Episode: Powerpack Performances

Chaudhry & Sons last episode is here and we must say that the mega drama serial which started 1st of Ramadan comes to a conclusion with powerpack performances.

Checkout the last episode of Chaudhry & Sons here:-

Chaudhry & Sons Last Episode Part 1 & 2

Video Credits: GEOTV
Video Credits: GEOTV


Chaudhry & Sons is a light mood family drama revolving around family reunion. Dildaar Ali is a respectable man who holds high regard for age-old family traditions and values. Since the beginning he is proud of the fact that no one in his family has ever married outside their immediate family until her own daughter, Sabahat who has let him down while he had cut all familial ties with her.

On the other hand, Sabahat along with her husband died in an accident long ago leaving behind her daughter, Pari in the care of her grandmother Malka Begum.

Unaware of Pari and Malka Begum’s reality, Dildaar Ali and his family gives them a warm welcome and provides utmost care to them. One of Dildaar Ali’s grandsons Bilal is a young and handsome man who instantly falls in love with Pari without knowing about her reality.

Cast of Chaudhry & Sons

Ayeza Khan, Imran Ashraf, Sohail Ahmed, Yasir Nawaz, Irsa Ghazal, Ashraf Khan, Asma Abbas, Noor Ul Hassan, Usman Peerzada, Beenish Chauhan, Madiha Rizvi, Saqib Sameer.

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