Char Din Ki Chandni by emerging young singer Arslan Asif

Arslan Asif an emerging young singer , vocalist, guitarist, song writer  and music producer, released his song Char Din Ki Chandni in 2009. The track is a solo. The song is slow and it creates an ambiance of passion.

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The song has a great composition to it. The style of the music is a combination of rock with a twist of drums and guitars along with deep meaningful lyrics. The cordination of the drums with the guitars and the piano is well timed. The vocals are strong and the lyrics are relatable.

The singer has a bold and soulful voice along with a good command over his singing skills. Char Din Ki Chandni has tape beats and progressive lyrics. The song slowly takes the listener into a stance when it starts and holds your attention till the end. Many would want to listen to it on repeat.

The track is a sad love song with heart touching elements and lyrics. The rhythm is controlled and creates an emotion despite the rock music.The song has deep meanings to it. The track is very unique and different from the rest. It is not something you get to hear often or on regular basis.

Char Din Ki Chandni is a situation based song. The lyrics talk about the harsh realities of life and how everything that glitters at some point of your life would eventually fade away as the name of the song suggests. The song is an implication that nothing lasts forever.

The song is a must listen to and worth of appreciation. The young singer has a melodious voice. His songs are different from one another and each one of them holds a deep message. He is highly talented and should be encouraged and appreciated to bring forward more such tracks.

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