Chale To Kat Hi Jayega By The King Of Music “Atif Aslam” is winning hearts

Atif Aslam does not need any introduction, he is one of those fortunate and talented singers who has gained a lot of fan following in minimal time. However, to please his fans in collaboration with SUFISCORE he has launched another breathtaking song naming Chale To Kat Hi Jayega. It is a melodious and slow bass song that pleases the ears.

Chale To Kat Hi Jayega By Atif Aslam:

The ever-green and charismatic is Atif Aslam is in the video itself. He is seen wearing a basic white button-down shirt which adds up to his charm. The song is meant to please the ears and the tune of it very welcoming and urges the listener to listen to it more and more. Check out the whole song at SUFISCORE.

Video Credits: SUFISCORE

Vocals And Other Details:

  • Vocals: Atif Aslam
  • Music: Ahsan Parvez Mehndi
  • Directed by David Zennie
  • Production: Disruptive
  • Make-up: Sajids
  • Special thanks to Pallazzo Versace Dubai
  • Dubai Production: Seven Heaven
  • Original song:
  • Artist: Musarrat Nazeer
  • Lyrics: Mustafa Zaidi
  • Composer: Khaleel Ahmed
  • Published by EMI Pakistan Limited

Lyrics Of Chale To Kat Hi Jayega:

chale to kaT hī jā.egā safar āhista āhista
ham us ke paas jaate haiñ magar āhista āhista

abhī tāroñ se khelo chāñd kī kirnoñ se iThlāo
milegī us ke chehre kī sahar āhista āhista

darīchoñ ko to dekho chilmanoñ ke raaz to samjho
uTheñge parda-hā-e-bām-o-dar āhista āhista

zamāne bhar kī kaifiyat simaT aa.egī sāġhar meñ
piyo un añkhḌiyoñ ke naam par āhista āhista

yūñhī ik roz apne dil kā qissa bhī sunā denā
ḳhitāb āhista āhista nazar āhista āhista

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