Social media users pay tribute to mothers on International mother’s day

As International Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 14 like other parts of the world, Pakistanis from all walks of life especially youngsters on digital platforms have shared inspiring motherhood-related posts while paying them tributes for their sacrifices and for their unconditional love.

“Nation took to social media and shared unseen childhood photos and memorable videos with their moms on the occasion of Mother’s Day,” said a report aired by PTV news channel.

Mother’s Day is not only a special day for a child but also for a woman who became a mother because of her child, said a Facebook user while sharing a sentimental post.

“The new trend to celebrate Mother’s Day through social media has become viral and encourages people to share their cherished childhood memories with their mothers,” said another Facebook user.

Mother’s Day was all about showing appreciation and gratitude for moms around the world, said a female user.

No doubt every day is for our parents, but these special days gave us an opportunity to show gratitude to the most important person in our lives, said a student on an Instagram post. 

“Along with thoughtful gestures, heartfelt quotes and messages we can express our love and appreciation for our mothers,” she added.

“A mother is the person who sees the first smile, hears the first word, feels the first hug, and worries about you every day of her life”, said an emotional post shared by a youngster on a Whatsapp group.

“A mother is the one who shapes the child when it comes to their character and values #HappyMotherday#,” a post shared on Twitter.

A leading Pakistani actress also shared old photos along with her family and said, “Happy Mother’s Day to my whole world & to all the beautiful mothers out there.”

A politician said in a Facebook post that a mother’s love was priceless and nothing could replace her love in the life of a child, adding, her sacrifices, selflessness, patience and dedication to her offspring were unmatchable and priceless. 

Whereas, a journalist in a Whatsapp group shared, “Love for mothers is a common sentiment which should not be confined to only one day. Every day is filled with mother’s love.”

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