Junaid Akram’s Exclusive Podcast with Ex PM Imran Khan feat. Muzamil Hasan & Talha Ahad 

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared in his first ever podcast, exclusively organized in collaboration with TCM and Junaid Akram.

Leading influencer Junaid Akram shared his excitement and said ”Had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with the former prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan. Various topics came under discussion. Special thanks to Muzamil Hasan of Thought Behind Things and Talha Ahad of TCM to join in.

Here is the video of this exclusive podcast:-

Junaid Akram’s Podcast with Imran Khan feat. Muzamil Hasan & Talha Ahad (TCM)

Video Credits: Junaid Akram

Topics discussed in this podcast

00:00 Intro 00:34 “How are you feeling?” 02:45 International conspiracy? 07:45 Do you consider the ouster a blessing in disguise? 07:58 Surprised by social media? 08:37 How does he feel about JKT and Aleem Khan? 12:50 Role of judiciary and the establishment. 16:04 What’s the goal? 18:09 Is it possible to bring about a systematic change? 20:15 Regulators! 21:01 Enough time for a new team? 24:59 Did establishment see this coming? 29:33 Meritocracy. 30:36 My foreign policy. 33:20 Do we need a new constitution? 36:17 Is democracy only suited for west? 40:08 Confident to win again? 42:05 No focus on children’s content? 47:17 Why was Ertugral aired in Pakistan? 50:30 Mobilization drive. 54:30 Can there be a PTI without Imran Khan? 56:09 Investigative commission over Cipher. 57:01 Karachi ka sawaal. 1:03:41 Turning into an anti-imperialist? 1:09:37 The role of soft power and women’s rights. 1:16:22 Explain Usman Buzdar. 1:18:08 Health Card 1:19:20 How do you see the youth? 1:23:15 How to stop brain drain? 1:28:11 Any regrets? 1:30:56 Any message for the PDM? 1:31:31 How does he envision the Pakistan of 2050?

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