Cattle markets become center of attraction ahead of Eid Ul Azha 2023

As sale of sacrificial animals all over the country’s makeshift cattle markets are gearing up where enthusiastic buyers specially youngsters are taking keen interest for buying some unique name and heavy weight animals.

Despite prices, mostly people have been visiting animal markets to get the animals of their choice well before the Eid day, to provide their family members, especially children, to spend maximum time with these animals before they are slaughtered to fulfill the command of Allah Almighty, said a report aired by a Private news channel.

All kind of heavy weight and various unusual name animals including cows, bulls, camels, goats, lambs are becoming the part of cattle markets across the country.

A goat with heavy weight more than 300 kilogrammes has become an attraction for youngsters in Faisalabad cattle market, said a seller.

Children are enjoying the best time while enjoying at cattle market, said a citizen.

For the attraction of buyers, sacrificial animals are being decorated with colorful garlands, sterling bands, embellished belts and crowns, said another customer, said a student of 10 class.

A trader in Lahore cattle market appeared with heavy weight bull unique name ‘Babu Bail’ to attract the citizens, said a citizen, adding, he fed his bull a healthy food, which consists of butter and milk.

“We are demanding high prices because we spent much time in bringing up a healthy and gorgeous pair of sacrificial animal,” said a vendor in cattle market.

Youngsters of Punjab cities have also been clicking selfies with special named animals and sharing it on social media, said a citizen.         

“An average-size cow, which was available against Rs90,000 is being sold at Rs140,000 this year,” said a customer. The sellers are cashing the festive occasion and charging higher prices for such unique name animals, said another citizen.

Karachi cow mandi is also biggest cattle market in the country and like every year, it showcases some of the most unique animals brought for sale, said a customer, adding, A cow, named “Rani” is up for sale at Rs9 million.

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