The year 2019 was a prolific one for batting sensation Babar Azam

Babar Azam Regains Top ODI Batsman Spot

In a cricketing twist, Babar Azam, the dynamic Pakistani batsman, has reclaimed his throne as the number one ODI batsman, dethroning India’s Shubman Gill. The latest ICC ODI rankings, released on Wednesday, depict Babar Azam at the summit with an impressive 824 points, 14 points ahead of Shubman Gill’s 810.

Babar’s stellar performance on the field has propelled him back to the top position, showcasing his prowess and consistency as a world-class batsman. This shift in rankings reflects the dynamic nature of international cricket, with players vying for the coveted top spots.

Interestingly, the third and fourth positions in the rankings are also held by Indian batsmen, with Virat Kohli securing the third spot with 775 points, and Rohit Sharma following closely with 754 points. This adds an extra layer of competition between the cricketing giants, as they strive to maintain or improve their positions in the rankings.

Notably, Babar Azam’s return to the top comes after a remarkable 952 consecutive days as the No.1 ODI batsman, a period that began on 1st April 2021 and ended on 8th November 2023. This achievement is symbolically tied to Sri Lanka’s historic Test innings score of 952/6d against India, showcasing the intricate connections between cricket statistics and memorable moments in the sport.

In the bowling department, another Pakistani talent, Shaheen Afridi, holds the ninth position in the ICC ODI Men’s Bowling Rankings. The presence of Pakistani players in the top rankings reflects the nation’s cricketing prowess and the individual brilliance of its players.

As Babar Azam celebrates his resurgence to the top, cricket enthusiasts around the world anticipate more thrilling performances and intense competition in the ever-evolving landscape of international cricket.

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