Ali Zafar Gives a Thumbs Up to Bollywood’s Version of his song Dil Jhoom 

In a refreshing turn of events, Ali Zafar, the original artist behind the chart-topping track “Jhoom” from Pakistan, has given his approval to Bollywood’s cover of the song. Titled “Dil Jhoom,” this revamped version is part of the upcoming Bollywood film “Crakk – Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa,” starring Vidyut Jammwal and Nora Fatehi. The collaboration features the talented duo of Indian playback singer Shreya Ghoshal and composer Vishal Mishra.

Checkout the Bollywood version of Ali Zafar’s Dil Jhoom:-

Bollywood version of Ali Zafar’s Dil Jhoom Featuring Nora Fatehi & Vidyut Jammwal

Video Credits: T-Series

A Genuine Tribute:

Unlike some instances where T-Series songs are criticized for not crediting original artists, “Dil Jhoom” stands out as a sincere homage to Ali Zafar’s soulful melody. The Teefa in Trouble star expressed his satisfaction with the Bollywood rendition, appreciating the effort put into the new version. Ali Zafar’s endorsement came in response to a Twitter post by T-Series announcing the song’s release, where he simply stated, “Good stuff. I like it.”

Respecting the Original:

The recreation of “Dil Jhoom” adheres to all protocols of crediting the original artist, with Ali Zafar’s name prominently featured in promotional materials and acknowledged in the YouTube music video description for having “originally written and composed” the song. This commitment to recognizing the source adds authenticity to the Bollywood cover.

Appreciation from Shreya Ghoshal:

Shreya Ghoshal, who collaborated with Vishal Mishra on the project, had previously expressed her admiration for Ali Zafar and his music on Twitter. The accomplished singer, self-proclaimed as a “big fan” of Zafar, eagerly anticipated fans revisiting the timeless track in the film “Crakk.” Ali Zafar, upon learning about the homage to his hit song, responded graciously on Twitter, thanking Shreya Ghoshal and acknowledging her as one of the most inspiring and iconic singers of their time.

“Dil Jhoom” not only breathes new life into a beloved track but also showcases the positive collaboration between Pakistani and Indian talent. Ali Zafar’s endorsement and the commitment to recognizing the original artist’s contribution make this Bollywood cover a noteworthy and respectful tribute to the magic of “Jhoom.”

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