Ahmer from Jalan is the new power house of acting

Big Bang Entertainment’s Jalan started on airing on June 17th 2020 and 4 episodes have been on aired on ARY Digital so far. It started with a negative buzz on social media because the drama is based on sensitive and crucial issues of our society such as Hate, Greed and Jealousy!

Jalan – A Story Of Betrayal, Greed, and Jealousy

The drama serial Jalan revolves around the relationship of young Ahmer and Nisha. Fahad Sheikh as Ahmer and Minal Khan as Nisha. Ahmer is toes deep in love with Nisha but it is later revealed in the drama that Nisha is just after Money and Wealth. Instead of valuing the true wealth i.e, love, affection and sincerity she happens to be blinded with greed to such an extent that she has fallen for her brother in law just for his wealth and luxurious lifestyle. Eventually, clashes start between the couple and Ahmer is badly hurt every now and then.

With all this happening, Jalan Episode 4 came up with a surprising twist. Nisha approached her brother in law Asfandwho she infact idealizes and asks her to talk to her dad and stop her marriage with Ahmer.

Jalan Episode 4

Video Credits: ARY Digital 

Ahmer on the other hand is all worried about her because she had left home without informing anyone and she wouldn’t respond his calls either. Nisha comes home and faces the wrath of her mother. The next morning, Asfand visits Nisha’s father and asks him to delay the marriage. Just then, the acting powerhouse Mr Fahad Sheikh as Ahmer comes in picture and says “Tum Ho Kon Bhai?” and who gave you invitation to interfere in our family matters? The moment Ahmer entered the scene, it felt like the whole drama has gone into an intense mode, his expressions, his pitch, his highs and lows connects the audience in such a way that you just can’t turn your head away or lose interest. Ahmer tells Asfand to mind his own business and stay in his limits.

Misha (Nisha’s Sister) slaps Ahmer and leaves with her husband. Ahmer rushes to his room in anger, slams the door and smashes everything down in his room. This is was the first scene when I had tears in my eyes. Ahmer cried and made us cry with his realistic expressions.

Ahmer realizes later on that he had gone too far with Asfand and that he should have put a stop to his rage. He then begs his pupha (Nisha’ Father) for forgiveness. Ahmer says he is ready to do anything for the sake of his love for Nisha. This was the second moment when I felt the helplessness and misery of Ahmer. Beautifully played by the super talented Fahad Sheikh. I mean, I’ve never been so damn connected to a Drama Character before.

Undoubtedly, Ahmer’s strong expressions, his princely looks and impressive dialogue delivery has a major role in gaining immense sympathy and public support.

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