Abdullah Muzaffar Reveals the Secrets of his Weight Loss Regime

Spotted recently in Islamabad, Abdullah Muzaffar looked incredibly toned down and fresh. Upon inquiring, Abdullah Muzaffar reveals he is cut back on carbs and enjoys lifting weights.

“I am getting in shape for myself. We’re not totally ignorant of the dangers of obesity, and that’s kind of the
problem. We know that carrying some extra timber will increase our risk of a heart attack, and possibly a stroke, but if we knew the whole truth perhaps we’d be a little less sanguine” said Abdullah Muzaffar.


Growing up in the era of having these delicious finger linking food franchises opening up at every corner of every street,I grew up on a diet of delicious, but not so healthy food. So it was very difficult on setting my mind on committing myself for a weight loss regime. And its not just me, we all have our challenges with healthy living. I began to learn more about nutrition, exercise, and the benefits of working out. Working out is all about empowering, encouraging, enabling, and educating everyone to love their bodies, to be strong, confident, and the happiest versions of themselves says Abdullah Muzaffar.

Sharing his workout routine, Abdullah told he would never skip his gym, he strictly dedicated one hour to himself and his physical fitness routine.

Along with working out strictly, Abdullah reveals he cut back on carbs, junk food, and really enjoyed lifting
weights. Steamed vegetables, fresh salads, fruits, juices, dry nuts and grape fruit are his best friends now.
Encouraging everyone to stay healthy and fir, Abdullah further adds: “It’s a juggling act. Take care of my studies, make everybody at the home happy and make everybody at work satisfied —every single day it’s like trying to keep all the balls in the air. But at the end of the day you have to schedule time for you. You have to make time for the things that make you feel good, like good nutrition and good exercise, good rest.You can’t be great for others if you’re not great, so you have to find the time to do you. You have to find the time to really take time for yourself and not everything else all the time, which I believe everyone in particular tends to do.

Sharing his weight loss tips:
“When you think of weight loss you probably envision having to overhaul your entire diet, but that’s not always necessary. Instead, take a look at 10 small, easy changes you can make to help you lose weight. “

1. Drink More Water:
Just 64 ounces of water a day can help you lose more weight—and you’ll feel better too; mentally and physically.

2. Reduce Portion Sizes:
Many people have formed a habit of eating more food than their body really needs, which inevitably results in weight gain. Start gradually reducing your portion sizes, and eating only until you feel satisfied. You can shave off several hundred calories a day by doing this.

3. Eliminate Refined Sugar:
Sugar makes you feel bloated and moody, and contributes to excess weight around the middle. Start reducing refined sugar as much as possible and notice how much better you feel, and how much easier it is to lose weight.

4. Reduce Fat:
If your current diet includes a lot of fried foods, start replacing them with baked or broiled versions. Avoid using oil or shortening when cooking as much as possible, and instead use clear broths and juice.

5. Choose Better Fats:
Not only is it important to reduce your fat intake, it’s also beneficial to adjust the kinds of fats you eat. Avoid excessive saturated fats (like those found in animal products) and trans fats. Instead, lean more toward monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil and nuts; and polyunsaturated fat found in fish and some vegetable oils.

6. Get More Active:
You don’t have to workout for hours each day to lose weight. Simply start getting a little more active than you are right now. Take brisk 10 or 15 minute walks; run up a flight of stairs a few times each day; or invest in a stationary bicycle you can ride while watching television.

7. Get Better Sleep:
Getting adequate rest each night goes a long way in helping with wei ght loss, for a few reasons. First, you’ll be less stressed if you are fully rested, so you won’t be secreting excess cortical and storing more belly fat. Second, you’ll find it easier to exercise if you have more energy,and you’ll have more energy if you get enough sleep. Third, you’ll find it easier to stick to healthy diet if you aren’t moody from a lack of sleep.

8. Meditate:
Likewise, daily meditation goes a long way in keeping your stress levels down and your mood up.

9. Eat Often:
Skipping meals always leads to overeating later. A smarter way to cut calories is to eat often throughout the day, eating 200-300 calories at each meal or snack, and being sure to have a meal or snack every 2 to 3 hours. You’ll make it through the whole day keeping your calories in check but also not feeling hungry or deprived.

These small changes are so easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle, and you don’t even have to do them all at once. Pick one or two that appeal to you and start with those. Gradually add more and before you know it you’ll be painlessly losing weight.

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