9 Most Watched Pakistani TikTokers Of 2020

Tik Tok was previously referred to as Musical.ly. It’s a social networking app for Chinese video sharing, which has many uses. The goal of this platform is to produce short videos of dance, lip-sync, comedy, details, and talent. It can be used in 40 languages. In addition, it has gained a lot of popularity in a short period, as it has more than 100 million users within a year. However, in Pakistan, the Tik Tok is also popular, so do you want to know who are the most-watched Pakistani Tiktokers?

1. Jannat Mirza:

pakistani tiktokers

The beautiful Jannat Mirza

Jannat Mirza ranks among all Pakistans tiktokers with 5.8 million followers at first. She is just 20 years old and she got fame because of her funny and fashion-inspired videos. Jannat was born in Faisalabad, Pakistan, and has now moved to Japan for higher education. She had been studying the arts before that. Jannat not only has fans from Pakistan but from all over the globe. She also has 209.5 million hearts on screen, along with 9.5 million followers on Tik Tok.

Her Tik Tok’s handle is @jannatmirza

2. Zulqarnain Sikandar:

pakistani tiktokers

The charismatic, Zulqarnain Sikandar

With all the other popular Pakistani tiktokers, Zulqarnain Sikandar is renowned for its unbeatable content. He is popular mainly for making funny videos. The domain of Mr. Sikandar is to entertain people, and we can clearly tell that he is a good entertainer through his followers. He has 8.4 million followers. Moreover, his videos earned 438 million hearts in total. His gestures and lip-syncing are, however, matchless. Let’s see if with him you can duet.

His Tik Tok’s handle is @ch.zulqarnain25

3. Nousheen Syed (Dolly):

The fashion icon Dolly

Nousheen Syed aka Dolly is one of the most popular Pakistans tiktokers, not only a tiktoker but also a makeup artist. She is a fashion designer, model, and actress, though. A very talented content designer is the “Dolly Fashion Icon”. She uploads lots of makeup tutorials and gets maximum hearts for each of them.

Her Tik Tok’s handle is @dollyfashionicon

4. Tuqeer Ahmed (Phoollu):

The heart of all, Tuqeer Ahmed

Tuqeer Ahmed with his funny and optimum level best video made him one of the most-watched Pakistans Tiktokers. He is also popular in videos for his variety, trying to cover every possible theme. The best thing about him is that he gave meaning to both rural and urban individuals. He made them happy enough that they could do whatever they wanted to do. The explanation for the smile on many faces is Tuqeer Ahmed aka Phoollu. Moreover, he is popular for his well-choreographed videos and funny material. Phoollu has 5.8 million followers and 210.8 million hearts.

His Tik Tok’s handle is @phoolllu

5. Malik Usman:

Pakistani tiktokers

One of the biggest Pakistani tiktokers, Malik Usman

Without a doubt, due to his passion for making exclusive and funny videos, Malik Usman made to the most-watched Pakistani tiktokers. With his funny video, he certainly makes many individuals happy. Moreover, on other social media sites, almost every video gets viral. Also, he collaborated with Ahsan Khan the chocolaty boy. In your videos or duets, use #famousmolvi to get through him quickly. However, the Tik Tok followers of #famousmolvi have crossed 8.1 million. On Tik Tok, along with 298.8 million hearts.

His Tik Tok’s handle is @usmanasim66

6. Alex Bhatti:

The most-watched, Alex

Alex Bhatti is one of the most-watched Pakistani tiktokers of 2020. Not only on the lip-syncing app but Alex Bhatti is also popular on the photo-sharing app, Instagram. Alex Bhatti has also collaborated with several commercials.

His Tik Tok’s handle is @alexbhatti._

7. Reeja Jeelani:

pakistani tiktokers

The hottest, Reeja

Reeja Jeelani is the renowned Pakistani TikTok Star. She is a stunning model and actress. She is famous for her lovely looks, pretty smile, style, and hot personality. Reeja has got a massive fan base. She is one of Tiktok’s beautiful, drifting young ladies. Reeja for the most part shares her chic outfits and modeling photographs over her Instagram. She has also gained the prestigious distinction of becoming a TikTok comic expert. Reeja Jeelani is one of the tiktokers of Pakistan who has verified the Tik Tok account.
Use #reejafam & #duetwithreeja to get noticed, she says.

Her Tik Tok’s handle is @reejajeelani

8. Ali Fayyaz:

pakistani tiktokers

The charming, Ali Fayyaz

The well-known Ali Fayyaz, the Top Pakistani Tiktokers. Mr. Fayyaz is renowned for his attractive and magnetic looks. He is known as “cool” and “model” as well. The best thing about him is, in every video he keeps the cool and model attitude. In addition, he went viral on Instagram and Snapchat, too, thanks to his intense looks on Tik Tok. On Tik Tok, his videos feature 4.8 million followers and 186.9 million hearts.

His Tik Tok’s handle is @aalleey

9. Adeel Murtaza:

The chocolaty boy, Adeel Murtaza

Adeel Murtaza made to the Top 10 Tiktokers of Pakistan with cute looks and adorable videos, just check his smile! Moreover, he is known for lip-syncing videos that he’s the best at. Mr. Murtaza certainly won many hearts, with 2.9 million followers and 66.3 million hearts.

His Tik Tok’s handle is @adeelmurtaza

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