7 Incredible Tips To Celebrate Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday, and if you have no idea what you’ll be doing on his birthday, then you are in trouble. Your man will definitely notice any small effort you put into his birthday celebration. Many people generally suck at coming up with ideas for the birthdays of their loved ones. If you have some time left before his birthday, this article can help you significantly.

What To Do On Your Boyfriend’s Birthday?

Planning the birthday of your man eagerly will be more than enough for him. Boys tend to love small efforts made by their loved ones. The first thing you should order is a delicious cake for your boyfriend. There are sites on the internet that have the best series of delicious birthday cakes. Anyway, if you plan to surprise your boyfriend with the best birthday ever, then take a look at these expert tips:

1] Make A Plan For A Trip

One of the best feelings in the world is going on a trip to an adventurous place to give your mind that extra rush of adrenaline. When you don’t have any other idea for your boyfriend’s birthday party, just plan a trip to an exotic location. That’s not something anyone doesn’t like. 

If you like, you can order cake over there and celebrate with him. You can choose between tons of flavours while purchasing a birthday cake for boy online. Anyways, there are some of the best places for a trip mentioned here. Take a look:

● Palolem Beach, Goa

● Turtuk, Ladakh 

● Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

● Andaman Islands

● Lonavla, Maharashtra

These are some of the most off-beat places in India to go on a short trip for your boyfriend’s birthday this year. All these places are completely safe to visit and have a good reputation among enthusiasts from all over the world.

2] Fix A Venue For A Fancy Birthday Party

If you like a grand party for birthdays, then planning a fancy party at a privately booked venue would be your jam. There might be extra and some unnecessary expenses, but for all that, it’s worth it. When you look for venues near you, try to find those which have better temperature control, extra space for people, nice food, and other services. 

If you like, you can book a fancy hotel for a night, a resort for the day, or any banquet hall that hosts birthday parties. Generally, these venues provide cakes for their customers, but if you want, you can turn to online sites for the job.

3] Celebrate At Home

When you are planning your boyfriend’s birthday at your home, it’s better to get permission from your elders. You should order a large, mouthwatering cake for him online, which will save your energy and end the possibility of damaging the cake. You can buy decorations either online or from the market near your home. Take the help of your friends for the decoration and party preparations.

4] Throw Him A Surprise Party

If you want to surprise him with a party, you need to plan it a week before and involve his friends in the plan. Make sure your boyfriend doesn’t get the idea of your plan. These are some tips to follow when surprising your boyfriend.

● Schedule the date and time for the party

● make a guest list

● get a caterer for better food

● Get the decoration correct

● Choose the music playlist.

● Host the best party for your boyfriend.

5] Do A Games Night Party

There is no denying the fact that boys love games when they are free to play games as much as they like, then it’s their favourite day. You can throw a game night birthday party for your boyfriend’s birthday party this year. There is no denying that he will love the idea and love your effort for him.

From my perspective, a game night for my birthday would be the best birthday ever. If you live in Delhi NCR, and forgot to bring a cake while doing preparation, there are reputable sites that can send cake to Noida, Gurgaon, or nearby places within a matter of hours.

6] Make His Favorite Food Or Dish

Everybody knows that popular phrase “route to a man’s heart goes through his stomach”. You can make your boyfriend’s favourite meal to make him happy. If you are bad at cooking, take someone’s help or look for recipes online, and on top of that, some dessert. You can look for delicious birthday cakes online.

7] Recreate Your First Date 

Recreating a first date can be a bit tricky for some, but if you are certain that your boyfriend will love the idea, then go for it. When you are recreating your first date, you need to be certain of a lot of things, such as your perfume, your dress, the venue, the food, and the activities that you enjoyed that day.


Planning birthdays can be a bit hectic for your mind, If it comes to me, I just suck at planning birthdays. If you want to show your affection toward your boyfriend, then there is nothing bad about getting a little headache. Get a delicious birthday cake for him and give him the best day by simply considering these incredible tips to plan his birthday.

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