Karachi’s Dr. Kapotaqkhy Chanchala crowned 12th Miss Earth Pakistan

Karachi’s Dr. Kapotaqkhy Chanchala crowned 12th Miss Earth Pakistan

In the dynamic world of pageantry, the Miss Earth competition takes center stage as the third-largest pageant globally, aspiring to become the largest due to its substantial contestant pool, environmental advocacy, and consistent impact. As the preliminary competitions for Miss Earth 2023 unfold, the spotlight shines on Dr. Kapotaqkhy Chanchala from Karachi, Pakistan, the 12th Miss Earth Pakistan.

The Journey Begins

Born and raised in Karachi, Dr. Kapotaqkhy embarked on a journey that led her to pursue a medical education at Aga Khan University. Currently serving at Liaqat National Hospital, her commitment to environmental causes brought her to the forefront of the Miss Earth stage. Her crowning as the 12th Miss Earth Pakistan occurred during the Miss Pakistan 2023 ceremony in Lahore.

A Global Ambassador

The Miss Earth pageant stands apart by requiring contestants to showcase in-depth knowledge about their home country. Dr. Kapotaqkhy, representing Pakistan, delved into this challenge by creating seven two-minute videos covering diverse aspects, from Eco Tourism Places to Environmental Initiatives, Culture, Landmarks, Advocacy for Environmental Issues, and a comprehensive Introduction video. Her choice of the Neem Tree for the seventh video reflects its medicinal properties and importance in Pakistan.

Environmental Advocacy in Action

The Preliminaries, initiated on October 24, 2023, and concluding at the end of November, set the stage for the main pageant beginning on November 28, with the finale scheduled for December 23, 2023. Dr. Kapotaqkhy’s environmental advocacy zeroes in on the urgent need for planting more trees in Pakistan.

A Meaningful Cause

Expressing her enthusiasm for the Miss Earth platform, Dr. Kapotaqkhy shared, “I am delighted that Miss Earth strongly advocates for environmental issues. Representing Pakistan, I find myself capable of addressing the crucial problems our nation faces through environmental advocacy. I’ve dedicated three months to study and prepare these videos, and the experience has been enlightening. Being part of Miss Earth instills a sense of purpose for a meaningful cause.”

Significance of Miss Earth for Pakistan

Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan, emphasized the significance of Pakistan’s participation in Miss Earth since 2005, with Dr. Kapotaqkhy as the 12th representative. Ahmed highlighted the alignment of this pageant with the pressing environmental issues of our time.

A Journey Supported

Dr. Kapotaqkhy’s journey is not solitary; it receives unwavering support from the Miss Pakistan World Pageant, Talha Ghouri Photography, Media Focus Channel, and Mr. Asadullah Bhatti. As she represents Pakistan on the global stage, Dr. Kapotaqkhy stands as a beacon of environmental awareness, showcasing the beauty and significance of Pakistan’s natural heritage.

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