Yeh Tou 2 Much Hogaya: A light hearted comedy telefilm

“Yeh Tou 2 Much Hogaya” is a lighthearted comedy telefilm about identical twins, Meena and Meenu.

Despite being identical Meena and Meenu are totally different from one another. One day when Meena meets Haroon at a coffee shop, he becomes smitten with her. However, confusion arises as both sisters frequently visits the same coffee shop, unbeknownst to Haroon.

In a hilarious twist, Haroon unknowingly begins to talk to both the sisters without realizing that they are identical twins. As things begin to proceed,

Meena, Meenu and Haroon find themselves in a chaotic situation. Will Haroon make the right choice and find true love amidst the confusion?

Watch the complete telefilm to find out more:-

Eid Telefilm Yeh Tou 2 Much Hogaya

Video Credits: GEOTV

This telefilm has been written by Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt and directed by Shahrukh Naveed.

Cast: Alizay Shah Saad Qureshi Usman Peerzada Asma Abbas Marhoom Ahmad Bilal Saima Saleem Wasim Ameen Imran Khoosat Sadia Ali Khan.

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