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Health Experts Advocate Prevention and Awareness on World Diabetes Day

On ‘World Diabetic Awareness Day,’ health experts in Pakistan are urging the public to prioritize weight management, physical activity, and a healthy diet to combat the alarming prevalence of diabetes. With one in four individuals in Pakistan affected by diabetes, the need for preventive measures is more crucial than ever.

Diabetic expert Dr. Shumaila Ghafar expressed deep concern about the escalating diabetes cases in the country. She emphasized the role of awareness in understanding type 2 diabetes risks, promoting early diagnosis, and managing the condition effectively.

Attributing improper diet, obesity, and poor lifestyle choices as major contributors to diabetes, Dr. Ghafar highlighted the increased risk for individuals with a family history of the disease. Stressing the importance of standard care for high sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure, she underlined the potential for reducing or avoiding complications through early detection.

Dr. Muhammad Shahid, another diabetes expert, outlined key symptoms of diabetes, urging immediate consultation with a qualified doctor for those experiencing excessive thirst, frequent urination, and sudden weight loss. He emphasized the necessity for affordable and uninterrupted access to diabetes care on a global scale.

Dr. Sumera Batul underscored the significant challenge posed by the rapidly rising levels of diabetes in Pakistan, with over one lakh people becoming disabled annually due to the condition. World Diabetes Day serves as a platform to raise awareness about diabetes as a global public health concern, emphasizing the collective and individual efforts required for prevention, diagnosis, and management.

As the risk of type 2 diabetes increases in children, linked with rising obesity rates, Dr. Batul highlighted the importance of healthy dietary choices and increased physical activity in disease management. The experts collectively emphasized the urgency for lifestyle changes and proactive measures to curb the diabetes epidemic and improve public health outcomes.

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