TV One’s Ishq Ramazan Opens With a Bang – Day 1 Highlights

TvOne Istaqbal e Ramazan transmission began with the soulful  Ishq Ramazan OST with Sahir Lodhi in the spot light. As lights slowly turned on Sahir dedicated Ishq Ramazan transmission to Amjad Sabri, Abdul Sattar Edhi and Junaid Jamshed. Sahir shared his memories  with Amjad Sabri accepting the fact that Amjad Sabri use to stand with everyone and our Ramazan memories are unforgettable.

Tv One’s Ishq Ramazan OST in the voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali Is Here


Sahir continues the transmission acknowledging the efforts done by Abdul Sattar Edhi and after his dismiss the Edhi foundation needs our attention.

Mentioning Junaid Jamshed who lost his life in an air crash later in 2016 and his participation in Ramazan transmission on ARY  Sahir broke the tradition and congratulated  Wasim Badami, Amir Laiquat, Sanam Baloch etc  on hosting the Ramazan transmission on their respective channels.

Later, Sahir revealed the beautiful set of the biggest Ramazan transmission in the history of Pakistan. The set of Ishq Ramazan holds a space for 700 audience members.


Ishq Ramazan  OST was in a social media storm since the day it came out and the audience was impatient to meet the people behind the perfect creation. To acknowledge the effort  Sahir had a short conversation with the Creative Director “Ahmed Faruqi” who shared all the credit with his team. Ahmed, further added about the great response and announced the milestone of 1 Million views on Facebook within 24hours of OST release.


Istaqbal -e-Ramazan was a warm up transmission where Sahir introduced viewers with all his team members from the crew to MCR, social media squad to the audience and transmission co-coordinators.

Ishq Ramazan interesting segments, Raani Appa and Salma Asim will perform their usual duties of  bringing  effective remedies daily during ramazan along with Urooj who will share her yummy recipes in Ishq Ramazan kitchen.

Later, Sahir revealed more aspects of the beautiful set where Qawals will perform along with a separate musical band to perform, in the same segment popular reciter  Farhan Ali Waris  joined Istaqbal -e-Ramazan  and memorialize Amjad Sabri and rest, who left us last year.  Concluding the transmission glimpse, Sahir invited Shabbir Abu Talib on the set to share his views and connection with the Tv One ‘s special Ramazan transmission Ishq Ramazan .


IshqRamazan- First Sehar Transmission:

The first Sehri of TvOne IshqRamazan began with Shabbir Abu Talib in the spotlight and the soulful QaseedaBurdaShareef in the background. As Shabbir started speaking about the importance of Ramazan transmissions in this Holy Month the viewer’s eye came into contact with the most exceptional and beautiful set of IshqRamazan. Revealing the set, Shabbir Abu Talib introduced audience with a concept of welcoming Ramazan and the traditions associated with the Holy month of Ramazan and the importance of conducting Ramazan transmissions. Later, Shabbir explained the idea and purpose behind presenting IshqRamazan in front of the audience as a vision and a thought of spreading flavor of Ramazan amongst the viewers and about the slogan Shabbir further explained that the slogan of IshqRamazan derived from the relationship of Allah and fellow beings, the word Ishq explains the power of bond between Allah and his creations.

After the transmission introduction, the host move on explaining the segments designed especially for our viewers, first segment throughout 30 days will be Kalam e Ishq in which guest scholars will discuss insights about Quranic verses, starting with Surah Baqarah (Ayat 183) in the first Sehri. Mufti Muhammad ShahidMadni recited the ayat. The ayat was related to fasting and its importance whereas audience present listened closely as it was recited and explained. After the second break of the Sehar transmission starting segment Sawal Humara Jawab Aapka in which question will appear on the screen and the question will remain the topic to debate throughout the transmission, the audience were requested to be an integral part of the transmission.

The scholar panel in this segment will include Hazarat Mulana Kubab Noorani Sahb, DrFazal Ahmed, Aalma Muhammad MasoodiSahb accompanying Mufti Muhammad ShahidMadani, Mufti Muhammad IshaqMadaniSahb. Later in the transmission host introduced another segment “WarafanaLakaZikrak” in which our Sana Khwans glorified the transmission with QaseedaBurdaShareef in their beautiful voices. After the 3rd segment, Shabbir Abu Talib introduced the viewers with the RehmatSehreen’ssehri and other prime sponsors including Riwayat clothing Faislabad and the Islamic Public School.Shabbir along with his guests and presented audience performed the sehri in the traditional manner and remembered the ambiance of Madina with a beautiful voice of ZuliqarHussani. In the last segment, Shabbir concluded the show with distributing Umrah Tickets in the segment NaimatoonkiBahar. Umrah ticket, Cycles for kids presented in the audience, gifts vouchers to sisters from Rose Beauty Parlor and a lot more. The winners were seen in a state of exhilaration. Overall TvOne Sehri was a hit and promises that the upcoming Sehar transmission will be successful as well.

IshqRamazan- First Iftar Transmission:

Tv One special Ramazan transmission “Ishq Ramazan” kicks off with OST featuring Sahir Lodhi. Iftar transmission begins with the message of equality Prophet’s message of helping poor throughout the year.

“Everyone is equal, let’s spread the message of equality through Ishq Ramazan.”- Sahir Lodhi

Breaking the barrier right in the start of the show Sahir wishes all the best to Wasim Badami, Sahista Lodhi, Sanam Baloch, Ahsaan Khan and rest hosting Ramazan transmission.

After the first break, Sahir introduces his guests and contributors in today’s transmission, Mehmood Madni-Islamic Scholar, Raani Appa, Salma Asim, Doctor Fazal, Farhan Ali Waris, and Urooj.

In the first segment, Sahir introduced Salma Asim to the audience with the help of her expertise audience learned remedy to treat heartburn in Ramazan using Yogurt and Elaichi.

later at the end of the segment audience learned an expert remedy from Raani Appa for heat stroke and an energy drink to be taken after Iftar with Injeer and water.

After the break, the famous Qawali “Tajdare Haram” was performed by the Qawals present in the show continuing the segment Sahir introduced a kitchen with Chef Ehtesham where he made Spicy Mix Fruit Chart for the viewers.

In reference to what sahir said, in the beginning, Sahir introduces a special segment with Doctor Zafar Zaidi M.D Indus  Hospital. The segment included a package about Indus Hospital located in  Korangi which facilitates patients free of cost. Sahir announces his own hospital starting in December which will serve humanity free of cost. Doctor Zafar Zaidi along with Sahir appealed to donate to the cause.

Further, Sahir appealed his viewers to do their bit and help Edhi foundation which is suffering after the dismiss of Edhi Sahb.

For the first time in Ishq Ramazan, thought a provking concept of debate competition is taking place with a grand prize worth 30 lacs.

The debate competition is going to be judged by Doctor Fazal and Farhan Ali Waris. The competition caught heat where a participant narrated a poem explaining Quaid -e-Azam ‘s ideology. Sahir, as a patriot, proved her point wrong and explained the misconception.

To set up the transmission pace again Sahir invited Farhan Ali Waris to recite “Allah Huma Saleh Allah” and  Umrah tickets amongst the audience along with an announcement of supporting an audience member financially and as well as bearing her daughter’s wedding expense.

“I am not a scholar nor an entertainer. I love my fellow beings because I am a Muslim. “-Sahir Lodhi

Later in Ishq Ramazan, Sahir along with religious scholars discussed Ramazan and its Ashrahs. Doctor Fazal explained audience some important points on being a better Muslim.

In the last segment before Iftar, Sahir with Farhan Ali Waris presented Qaseeda Burda Shareef . Children along with Sahir set free pigeons  spreading the message of peace.

Is a Ramazan transmission possible without Roza Khusai?

A few minutes before Iftar Sahir introduced young rozedars to the audience and inquired about their excitement. Concluding the transmission Sahir asked one of the religious scholars to recite dua before magrib Azaan.

The Grand opening of  Sahir Lodhi Show:

What a comeback! The Sahir Lodhi show is back with a bang on only TvOne

The Sahir Lodhi Show will be aired at 9 PM daily after Ishq Ramazan transmission.

Sahir invites Behroze Sabzwari and Ayesha Omer as the special guests in the grand opening of The Sahir Lodhi show.

Chase and win the first segment in tonight’s The Sahir Lodhi Show, ladies kept running towards Sahir. Sahir went into the audience and had an interactive session. After a long chasing session, a girl who kept running on the huge set of The Sahir Lodhi Show won a bike.

After the break, Sahir joined back with his melodious voice, singing and dancing Sahir looked stunning in black western attire with the gold beige waistcoat.

Later, Ayesha picked two ladies from the audience with the same blue dupattas for the dig and win the competition. The competition became intense with the participation of Ayesha Omer and Behroze Sabzwari. The winner demanded bike for her husband but Sahir had a better plan for the couple. The couple went home with an Umrah package.

Later in the show, Sahir called two more ladies to try their luck for Anex washing machine.  One of the ladies was the mother of a special child, Sahir interacted with her child sitting in the audience and offered them free of cost medical treatment for their child as well as an Umrah ticket for the entire family. The scenario moved everyone into tears.

Sahir moved into the most interesting match of arm wrestling with 14 male audience members to win 7 washing machines for their wives.

One of the skinniest participants with the will became part of the match sadly he was unable to win but Sahir loving his confidence gifted him an Umrah ticket for his family.

To conclude the game show Sahir promised for the bigger and better tomorrow including the announcement for sitting home audience participation through social media. The announcement is huge and calls for an enormous participation through social media.

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