Top 10 Mind-Blowing Technological Inventions of 2015

Here is an exclusive sneak preview of Top 10 Mind-Blowing Technological Inventions of 2015:-

1. Magic Leap

The Magic Leap uses head mounted optical illusion technology that displays 3D computer-generated imagery over objects, by projecting a digital light field into the user’s eye.Inventions like these make the reality we live in more majestic.

2. Project Loon

Google X is striving hard to excel at their Project Loon, which involves providing remote areas with Internet access. Even in such a rapid era of development, around 4.3 billion peopleare stilloffline because theyare deprived ofInternet facilities. They are accomplishing their goal by usinghigh-altitude helium balloons to create an aerial wireless network with a 3G speed. It is a reliable and cost-effective way to bring the members of this world closer together.

3. Brain Organoids

Brain Organoids will make it possible for researchers to understand the networking of brain cells and their genetic modifications. This scientific break through will help unlock the mysteries behind mental illnesses and other neurological disorders.

 4. Nano-Architecture

Nano – Architecture is a modern concept crafted by Julia Greer, fromthe California Institute of Technology. Greer aims to replace the conventional materials that are prone to damage with ones that are more energy-efficient and versatile.She has designed the strongest, yet lightest substance ever created.

5. Car-to-Car communication

General Motors and the University of Michigan together have created ‘Car to Car communication.’This device enables drivers to broadcast their steering-wheel position, speed and brake status to other vehicles to avoid possible collision. This invention is crucial since over a million people are killed on roads while travelling worldwide every year.

6. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that allows users to make transactions through their Apple devices. It does not require Apple specific payment terminals and will work with Visa’s PayWave, MasterCard’s PayPass, and American Express’s ExpressPay terminals.

7. Internet of DNA

The Global Alliance for Genomics partnered with Google to create Internet DNA. This technology aims to generate a DNA database collected from several hospitals and medical centers to record information about existing diseases. This in turn will help doctors easily pinpoint illnesses if there is a complication with the diagnosis.

8. Supercharged photosynthesis /C4 Photosynthesis

C4 Photosynthesis is an advanced genetic tool that boosts plant growth and allows the photosynthetic process to operate more efficiently.The tool will be used to increase the crop yield to fulfill the rising food demands of the population.

9. Mega scale Desalination

The IDE technologies in Israel,is the world’s largest modern seawater desalination plant that uses a conventional desalination technology called reverse osmosis (RO). It cheaply produces clean water from the sea at a mass scale that has never been achieved before. In the future we can hope that similar plants will be installed in Pakistan to solve the impending water reserve issues.

10.Liquid Biopsy

Cancer kills about 8 million people a year around the world. Its treatment includes invasive screening processes, whichcomplicate life making it more stressful. Fortunately, Doctor Dennis Lo and the University of Hong Kong have invented a procedure known as liquid biopsy.This test extracts the DNA sequencing from a few drops of blood, successively detectingthe spread and location of the cancer.It’s a noninvasive procedure that medical experts believe has the potential to bring us closer to the ultimate goal of early detection, which can save millions of lives down the road.

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