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There Aren’t Enough Digital Entertainment Platforms in Pakistan: Bilal Abbas Khan

In an exclusive interview as the brand ambassador of the National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF), Bilal Abbas Khan pointed out how Pakistan needs more platforms based on entertainment. The Cheekh Famed actor appreciates the evolving talents of ambitious, potential filmmakers in Pakistan and points out how the industry could have more potential to grow if there were enough exposure and opportunities for everyone.

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Bilal Abbas Khan Exclusive Interview

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Talking about the entertainment industry in Pakistan, the actor said, “Honestly, there aren’t enough digital media platforms in Pakistan. There are a lot of media students who are coming after studying Media Sciences and have a lot of potential but they don’t have the right platforms.” He further added, “At the same time there are a lot of people who don’t have enough exposure or the degree, but they have the creative skill and the platform could give them the right push.”

Being a youth icon, Bilal Abbas Khan is also one of the ambassadors of NASFF and is inspiring students of Media Sciences from different institutions to take part. Speaking about the platform, he also brings up the issue of some students not being able to afford expensive education but still having immense talent and innovative ideas. He emphasizes how Pakistan’s government should support this young talent and give them the spotlight to prove their worthiness and ingenuity. This way, he says we will have versatile directors, producers, content writers, etc., for the state of the art content with versatility and inimitability and more content for the audience to watch and adore.

His piece of advice for the emerging talent of Pakistan and these brilliant students is to be original, unique, and honest with their work. The actor made it to the top 50 Asian celebrities in the world list after an amazing year in entertainment with a hit web series ‘Ek Jhooti Lovestory’ that aired on the international platform Zee5, and has another web series ‘Abdullahpur Ka Devdas’ coming up soon.

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