The Much Awaited TV One Ramazan Transmission “Ishq Ramazan” is Back

The special Shab-e-Barat transmission of TvOne Shab-e-Tauba began with the soulful recitation of Zaman Zaki Taji Brothers. Later, Shabbir Abu Talib in the spotlight revealing the set of Shab-e-Tauba Talib introduced audience with a concept of Shab -e-Barat and the traditions associated with the Holy month of Shaban and the importance of conducting special transmissions. Moreover, Shabbir explained the idea and purpose behind presenting Shab-e-Tauba in front of the audience as a vision and a thought of spreading delectable flavour of Shab-e-Barat amongst the viewers.

TvOne is known to present the most significant Ramazan transmission of all the time. And this time it’s bigger and better with the prominent and most liked celebrity host Sahir Lodhi, Shabbir Abu Talib revealed the spirit of Ishq Ramazan Transmission along with the official presentation of this year’s Ishq Ramazan OST.  Both Sahir Lodhi and Shabbir Abu Talib looked passionate to deliver their the best and the most historic Ramazan Transmission with a promise of more than hundred Umrah tickets each day, thousands of mobile phones along with uncountable chances to win Motorcycles and Cars.

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Coming back to last night’s  Shab -e- Tauba transmission the program continued with Zaman Zaki Taji brothers’ notable recitation which intrigued both Sahir Lodhi and Shabbir Abu Talib along with prominent audience participation. Later, the host warmly welcomed Pakistan’s most popular Naat Khuwan Al Haaj Siddiq Ismail and young Naat Khuwan lot. To set up the pace of  Shab-e-Tauba transmission Shabbir welcomed Allam Muhammad Hussain Masudi, Dr Fazal and Mufti Shahid Madani for the most liked segment of times Rohani Guldastah.

Shabbir concluded the transmission by distributing 100 Umrah tickets amongst the attendees of Shab-e-Tauba with a promise to bring the best in Ramazan Transmission in the history Pakistani Media Industry.

Holy Month of Ramazan is around the corner and to celebrate the month of blessing each year we have a dedicated theme, and with prominent Actor/Host, Sahir Lodhi and eminent religious scholar Shabbir Abu Talib TvOne is known to present the most significant Ramazan transmission of all the time.



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