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Thailand permanently waves visa requirements for Chinese nationals

Thailand is set to make a significant move by permanently waiving visa requirements for Chinese citizens, effective March 1, according to an announcement by Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin on Tuesday.

In a press conference following a cabinet meeting at the government house, Prime Minister Srettha shared that Thailand had previously implemented a temporary visa waiver status for Chinese visitors, scheduled to conclude on February 29, 2024. However, after fruitful negotiations with relevant Chinese authorities, the Thai government has decided to embrace a permanent visa-free policy for Chinese citizens starting from March onwards.

Prime Minister Srettha highlighted that this strategic measure is expected not only to give a substantial boost to Thailand’s tourism industry but also to symbolize a deeper enhancement in the amicable relations between the two nations.

With tourism playing a pivotal role in Thailand’s economy, the country recorded a total of 28 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2023. Notably, among these, about 4.4 million visitors hailed from Malaysia, and 3.4 million from China—marking the two largest source markets contributing to Thailand’s tourism landscape. This significant step towards visa-free travel is poised to further fortify the bond between Thailand and China, fostering increased collaboration and goodwill.

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