Tamanna – A Story Of Young Girl Striving For Peace

HAR PAL GEO hosts the power serial of a young girl, Tamanna who at a very young age had faced a disaster. However, it is a unique story and journey of the girl. Because in the drama serial she has to strive not only for herself but for her parents too, who are not alive now. Does that give you the goosebumps that why a young-age girl has to fight for her parents? To know more watch Tamanna and give this episode’s review a read.


Beautiful, lucky, and the only daughter of her parents Tamanna is now not that lucky because her parents left her in the cruel world, forever. However, Tamanna’s maternal uncle is kind-hearted and he decides to take the girl home. But seems like the life of Tamanna is not too easy. Tamanna’s paternal grandfather was a cobbler and her maternal grandmother feels this is a dishonor for her family. On the other hand, Tamanna is her granddaughter too.

Also, Tamanna is a sweet, loving, and caring child. She has accepted them as her family, but will her grandmother accept her and forgive her? Till then she has to fight for her family’s honor.

Tamanna Episode 3 Review:

The intense drama serial Tamanna is already out and here is a review of its third episode.

Video Credits: GEOTV

Zakiya Doubts On Tamanna And Umar:

Zakiya is Tamanna’s younger maternal aunty, however, she is an evil lady with two-faces. In front of Tamanna, she favors her and she backbites about her when she is not around. Umar, who is her cousin and a son of Zubaida the elder maternal aunty catchesTamanna watching her grandmother. He forces her politely to meet her grandmother and grabs her hand. At the same time, Zakiya catches both of them and doubts.

After a short debate on wrong restrictions that are imposed by the guardians on Tamanna, Umar leaves as he felt there is no use of standing in favor of his cousin. Meanwhile, Zakiya clicks that Umar might start liking that cobbler’s daughter. She does not want this to happen as she wants Umar to marry Aiman, Zakiya’s daughter.

Later on, in the kitchen, Umar, being a nice and decent guy says to Tamanna that her mother was a good woman and so is her but the other family members are not

Haroon Catches Dania In Mall:

Dania is a sister of Umar and a fiance-to-be of Haroon her maternal cousin. Both, Aiman and Dania went to the mall but the purpose does not seem nice. Aiman meets with her boyfriend but luckily Harron didn’t see her. When Haroon asks Dania that what is he doing here? Aiman lies.

On a way back home, Aiman gets jealous of Dania as she gets a handsome man, Haroon. However, Aiman aims to marry Haroon.

Tamanna and Haroon First Meeting:

To summarize, in the house there was a power breakdown and Haroon goes to the kitchen to look for the switch or problem. Where he meets Tamanna but a few moments later she disappears as Zubaida, her elder maternal aunty forbids her to see the guests.

Zakiya’s Greeds For Tamanna’s Money:

Zakiya forces Aiman to share the room with Tamanna as if they near close to her they can hand on her cash easily. Tamanna’s parents were too rich and they have left a lot of property and back balance for it.

Zubaida Misunderstands The Situation:

Aiman’s boyfriend comes to see Aiman and gift her the mobile. But, she was in college so he forcefully gave the gift to Tamanna. Zubaida sees it and misunderstands it.

Tamanna Episode 4 Promo:

See, what happens next

Video Credits: GEOTV

Cast :

  1. Nosheen Ibrahim As Tamanna
  2. Sabiha Hashimi As Maghbool Bibi
  3. Shabbir Jan As Abbas
  4. Marium Mirza As Zubaida
  5. Muhammad Osama As Umar
  6. Dania Anwer As Dania
  7. Rashid Farooqi As Khalid
  8. Laila Wasti As Zakiya
  9. Mukhtar Ahmed As Shahriyar
  10. Aiman Khan As Aiman
  11. Parveen Somro As Rashida
  12. Javaria Abbasi As Sabiha
  13. Haroon Shahid As Haroon
  14. Sobia Faisal As Zubi
  15. Adeel Abbas As Qasim
  16. Usman As Bilal
  17. Shahid As Wakeel

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