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See Who Is Set To Perform in Coke Studio 10

Going bigger and better Coke Studio 10 is all set to give its fans another yet another much exciting lineup for the new season. Nabeel Shaukat Ali returns to Coke Studio 10 with his heart-warming take on a classic tale of love. Ali Hamza makes his return in Coke Studio 10 with some fantastic energy packed music. …

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Ala Baali by Nirmal Roy & Jabar Abbas in Episode 4 of Coke Studio Season 9

‘Ala Baali’ – literally translated from Arabic means ‘you’re on my mind’ – and this track is exactly that: infectious, fun and addictive. A multilingual love anthem, penned by Shakeel Sohail captures the sentiments lyrically in Urdu, Arabic and Punjabi. The powerful drive throughout the song rests on an Arabic …

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